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Sign the PETITIONS!! Let’s ROCK THIS!!!


We know that a lot of you are having trouble getting registered and signed. While it’s certainly possible that some of this is user error, based on what we’ve been hearing, the vast majority can be explained by technical glitches at the White House itself. We keep getting the page you see below. We’re looking into it. PLEASE KEEP TRYING.

Memo to White House
Check back here if you’ve had trouble. We are going to pull together the best work-arounds that we’ve heard. Also, if you’ve had trouble registering and signing and have OVERCOME THE PROBLEM, please, please, please post your comments here explaining to others what you did and how you did it. Thank you.

Sign The Need-to-Know Petition at http://wh.gov/jeK

Sign the Disclosure II Petition at http://wh.gov/jz0

Sign the NESARA Petition at http://wh.gov/4d5

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NESARA Petition

Disclosure Petition II
Investigate Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Petition