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Disclosure Reveals the NSA Astronauts Weekly Flights to the Moon and Mars

Disclosure Reveals the NSA Astronauts Weekly Flights to the Moon and Mars by Elizabeth Trutwin

What you believe IS. I ask you for a moment to suspend all disbelief and ask your ego to sit this conversation out. The draconian overlords who wish to control this Planet know that the reading audience is so well programmed into the matrix that they will ignore the truth staring them in the face. They will read it and dismiss it.

Today on the news you see a battle between the GOP and house democrats about removing tax breaks for the ordinary guy verses taxing the rich. All of this might pose some interest if the IRS weren’t a corporation registered in Delaware. Why are we still talking about taxes when all of it is fiat money and the third party debt collector in Puerto Rico is collecting on illegal taxation. We have this stored in our genetic code going back to Cesar of Rome. Haven’t we evolved past that conversation? Does anyone still pay taxes? I do because when I fill out their forms they always give me money back. Its like a scratch ticket at the gas station, peeking on the next screen my jackpot earnings as I fill out the online form. I would say the media is insulting your intelligence and urge you to turn off the tv. They are paid to program you 24/7 and we all actually sit and stare at it soaking in the fear.

Congress Clones and Solid Holograms

On the same note, what about Congress? Currently about 50 Members of Congress are working together with the President and the Alien Contact Intelligence Organization (ACIO) to bring about the changes on Earth for freedom. Spiritually, for the Cosmos, this is win-win. It is also inevitable. Death and New Life are an unstoppable force from Source energy. You are staring Death and Dissolution in the face. Can’t you smell it?

Congress is made up of about 135 breathing alive humans. That leaves about 400 solid holograms or clones telling us they are not going to give us a dime of their millions and billions. How do you like that concept for an illusion? About 50 of the 135 alive humans are White Knights. The rest are working with the holograms and clones to impoverish us. A hologram is a record of the original’s mindset and characteristic programs and goals, but doesn’t have a soul’s spontaneity or resources that allow for creative changes. Hillary Clinton, who I not-so affectionately call Hitlery, is now a solid hologram. Hillary is limited and can’t change any pattern previously a part of the original brain-print transferred to that one from the original donor before that one was permanently removed from existence. This is technology brought to us from the stars. Hillary has never been a double-agent. Bill Clinton has always been programmed–originally by the dark and then, later, by the Light as a double-agent. The original Bill is still present though he has been cloned many times. Bill is working as a double agent and when everything is done he will be of the light and his clones will be gone. Bill and Chelsea are both aware of Hitlery’s status. The original Hillary was arrested, taken to the Hague, tried and executed for War Crimes of High Treason, among others. All of the White Knights working in this close knit circle are aware of these things. Back in 2009 Joe Wilson yelled at President Obama “You Lie!” during the State of the Union address. I imagine President Obama was shaking his heading thinking it is hard for that solid hologram to control his outbursts. Truly, it is something to be calm about. These soulless machines are going away now.

Disclosure Reveals US Secret Government Moon and Mars Bases

Now, lets discuss what is REALLY going on out there. First, remember, we are coming from the dimensional plane where you already BELIEVE 400 of the 535 members of Congress are either solid holograms or clones. If you do not have that program running, no need to read further. Remember, the truth is not a conspiracy and this has been our reality that has been hidden for the last 64 years. It is time I take you deeper into truth because you can handle the truth now. We are morphing into a complete balanced truth agenda where mutual respect with the sharing of abundance in every aspect of our lives.
Scientists determined that mysterious signals received in 1957 were transmitted to Earth from an advanced alien civilization. Decades have passed while security analysts and dedicated cryptographers struggled to decipher the enigmatic messages from a completely unknown, distant alien culture.

Now, in 2011, the National Security Agency—one of the United States’ most secret intelligence gathering organizations—has released under protest (forced by order of a U.S. Federal Court judge) stunning information about intelligent life in the universe.
NSA Project Aquarius from the Dark Side of the Moon had flights to the moon 8 years before NASA landed there. NSA Craft and ET crafts were parked on the moon waiting for NASA to arrive. NSA flights with negative ETs were allowed to continue. This was controlled by the Draconians in government. NSA operatives using the code names Larry, Curley and Moe were with the Draconian Dick Cheney on the morning of 911 when he used a joy stick to collide the missiles into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center.
According to an Ex-Naval Commander with Top Secret clearance, The ‘real, NSA astronauts’ fly the ultra top secret TR3B, Aurora and other antigravity equipped craft–like the Shark helicopter used to take out the engines on Flt 1459.
The 4th/5th generation anti-gravity/quantum effects craft make routine flights to the moon and Mars, as often as weekly. The newest ones have cloaking modes and quantum lifting/descending directly up/down thousands of feet or more, disappearing from the runway and reappearing directly overhead/below within 5 seconds. The secret space program uses an academy across the highway, inside a mountain, from the Air Force Academy.

Why we need to ask the government FOR FULL GALACTIC DISCLOSURE IS to tell us about their direct involvement with Extraterrestrials. The National Security Agency are the Ones who have been traveling to the Moon and Mars every week and keeping us in the dark. The government officials who have  continued this are the negative Extraterrestrials wearing human suits. You are ready for the truth now, aren’t you?

Stephen Bassett and Leon Panetta are working together for the declassification of Secret Extraterrestrial Technologies from within the United States Military. Leon Panetta took his connections from the CIA over to the Pentagon as he makes a clean sweep of the old school Generals who have criminally kept these secrets from Congress.  The cover-up information is stunning to say the least and the information must be released in a manner where the truth can be accepted. The Disclosure Petition II was launched to give us an opportunity to share the truth again with more people. The Need To Know Petition was written so we would have two opportunities and two potentials to help people resonate with the message in a way they can accept. President Obama is fully aware and working with the positive Extraterrestrials of the Galactic Federation to bring Full Galactic Disclosure and arrest the War Criminals who have worked to control us on this Planet and others. He is the only one allowed to announce Disclosure. It is very important we sign the Disclosure Petition II, the Need to Know Petition and the NESARA Petition.911 Blocked the NESARA Announcement Pentagon Explosion and Fake Planes Carried out by Dick Cheney ordered by the Black Pope

Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney began their political careers in the 1960s. Rummy started out under the wing of the Vatican Bank at Nato and his next job was Ford’s White House Chief of Staff. He left the Chief of Staff position with Gerald Ford to become the Secretary of Defense using secret funding to run the Secret Government’s negative Extraterrestrial Programs without letting Congress know. Later, when Dick Cheney, then Vice President needed  his services he became Secretary of Defense again during the 911 years when we were told we had to wage the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. When he wasn’t serving the public he was running pharmaceutical companies and one which specialized in semiconductors and satellites.  Donald Rumsfeld was working secretly with the negative Extraterrestrials in the underground facilities developing bioweapons and technologies.

Dick Cheney was under the orders of George Bush Sr running Haliburton who ran cocaine from oil rigs in the sea to fund Secret Government. They criminalized drugs so they could make all the profit and hand it over to special secret projects. Enron laundered the money through their secret energy projects based on advanced technologies. Ex-CIA Chief, President George Bush Sr placed Dick into the Secretary of Defense roll where he headed up the NSA Astronauts. He also ran Dressler, later bought by General Electric, a company working with the negative Extraterrestrials on secret energy technologies. NESARA has a provision which will give free energy to every woman, child and man on Earth as reparations for the patents which were suppressed by these War Criminals. Besides his work at NSA he also served on the board with Israeli cronies at Jewish Institute of National Security Affairs.

Cheney was handled to carry out the mideast conflicts which bagged trillions of dollars to fund the negative Extraterrestrial agenda. He did this within the National Security Agency in collusion with the banks and when we have Full Galactic Disclosure it will require shutting down all of the governments in the world and starting over. Disclosure means arrests of the highest officials; elected officials and military officers, supreme court justices, royalty….Are you ready to face a full dissolution and start over with love? NESARA and Disclosure go hand in hand. NESARA has the provisions which would be required to bring Disclosure to fruition. We raise Collective Consciousness by signing the Petitions and preparing all Planetary Citizens for the truth to be revealed. When we achieve world peace we will be appointed as the 33rd Planet in the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds. This explains the significance of the portal opening on 11-11-11, it ushers in the era of the 33. Continue to ask the Galactic Federation to help us in every way possible to bring change over and the end to duality. For the Ones who played their roles, thank them and love them more. by Elizabeth Trutwin© All Rights Reserved. http://garuda.co Join me this Sunday for Jedi Training Workshop see full details here: http://www.CosmicAscension.com/Jedi_Training.html Please look for my interview with Steve Bassett, Paradigm Research Group on December 8th http://Youtube.com/GalacticRoundTable Please sign the Petitions and invite 25 friends to do so as well. The deadline for the Petitions is New Years Eve as we launch 2012 and New Earth.