Sacred Galactic Scripture

There is only God.

We are all contained in One Consciousness.

We are all activity in One Mind, God.

God is Divine Grace.

Ruach Adoni~Jews




There are different States of Consciousness

We are All Source Energy, we are All Source. We are Source in an expression of Individuality. When we connect with that truth, every waking moment, we will be free. Sacred Galactic Scripture are the keys which unlock your self-imposed confinement in the lower dimensions. They are the Guide for Starseeds to Ascension.

Galactic travelers have come to Earth through the aeons of time. We Starseeds have incarnated here now to heal and complete this cycle, this Kal of time. We are all from the Outer Planets and Galaxies and Star Systems of this Universe and beyond, through the Cosmos, on a Divine Mission of awakening and liberating all life on this Planet. Many of us here now travelled here from the Aurora Sun System in the Anti Matter Universe. I traveled back to An, in the Antimatter Universe last year with KOS and Tom the Ring-tail Cat Paschat, with Archangels Michael and Metatron to receive more instructions and Guidance for my next work. As taught to us by Mother Sekhmet, Niburu was a Sun and a Planet in the Aurora 23 Sun System which the fallen angel Jehovah destroyed and fortunately,Archangel Metatron reconstituted all of us from the original divine blueprint. We are now able to see two Suns here from Earth because Niburu is here. NASA has photographed it and still refuses to acknowledge publicly the Twelfth Planet. October 17, 2003, I had an accident resulting in severe head trauma. I was essentially unconscious for the following three days. During that time, I had a walk-in experience. This is when one soul complex leaves the physical body and another soul complex takes over the physical to accomplish specific goals. I am a Galactic Human with both Galactic and Human DNA. There are 40,000 of us with adept abilities working for KOS. KOS is a senior member of the secret service, ACIO and Head of the World Wide Militia of four million men. Most can shape-shift and travel on StarShips and are in total telepathic communication connectivity. They are of many species (Paschat-human, Bird-Human, Reptilian- human, etc.) and are holding down important jobs without peers knowing their true nature. I am an exception, as I have no gag order. It is my job to bring the Galactic news to the forefront.

As Mark Huber exposed, these “40,000 work alongside every type of human, in the intelligence, military, US Marshals, Seal/Delta teams and in State Police units and in the secret areas of the planet. Of course, they can recognize each other. We can usually recognize them by their frequencies and their eyes. They are the Light’s ‘secret weapons’ and we are delighted to have these family members on the ground to take care of business.”

During winter 2011, I was reading two books at the same time: His Holiness The Dalai Lamaʼs Toward a True Kinship of Faith and Deepak Chopraʼs The Third Jesus. I was struck by the fact that both mentioned in their books, and I am paraphrasing, if human nature does not change drastically it may mean the end of our existence.

The Dalai Lama writes:

“The pressure cooker of globalization can move humanity in another direction, to the deeper plane where peoples, cultures, and individuals can connect with their basic, shared human nature. In that place, it is possible for us human beings to recognize the global nature of the problems facing us and our shared responsibility to confront them together, and to affirm the oneness of our human family. If we do not, the very survival of our species is at stake.”

And this from Deepak Chopra:

“Itʼs human nature to love those who love us in return, not love those who hate us. Itʼs human nature to fight back when attacked (this violates another basic but impossible tenet of Jesusʼs: Resist not evil). But Jesus makes no such allowances. Many of Jesusʼs most famous words defy human nature in this way. Turn the other cheek. Love thy neighbor as thyself…Jesus intended a completely new view of human nature, and unless you transform yourself, you misunderstand what he had to say. You can struggle your entire life to be a good Christian without succeeding in doing what Jesus explicitly wanted.

He wanted to inspire a world reborn in God. This vision is breathtaking in its ambition. It points us toward a mystical realm, the only place where human nature can radically change.”

Reading both of these world teachers having this single point of view, began me thinking about how we can change human nature.

Late summer 2010, Deepak Chopra reached out to me through a friend. He wanted me to know that he is aware of my work and was supportive of me when

I was experiencing a hardship. I have the understanding that both Deepak Chopra and His Holiness the Dalai Lama know they are Galactics and still cannot share this level of truth with their readers. I am often frustrated that there are not more resources out there for Starseeds. I was inspired through this call from Deepak, to take the story further, to bring out our Galactic Heritage through examining the Ancient Texts. Our Ancestors, from the Anti Matter Universe, left our history written and stored on Earth for our discovery. The Sacred Galactic Scripture has within that which brings clarity. When we know who we are, all other problems are solved. Our spiritual world teachers are tied by society to keep their lessons within a narrow realm. They mention these texts in their writings and simply do not expand further. We are all Galactic Visitors to Earth.

Earth has been through Creation and Destruction again and again. This story has been told and retold, distorted and forgotten millions of years ago, the fallen angels virtually enslaved all inhabitants of Earth. Starseeds struggle to remember their Star Origin and this causes great distress. Who are the Starseeds? We all are. No one incarnate on Earth is originally from Earth. We all come from distant lands in Heaven before being born here. I am one of the souls who lives here in human form and yet was not born into a human body. This makes it easier for me to access my memories and share insights regarding the hidden texts.

His Holiness The Dalai Lama writes, in Toward a True Kinship of Faiths:

“On a metaphysical level, all major religions confront the same perennial questions: Who am I? Where do I come from?”

I add here, Why am I here? (what is my Mission, my Dharma) The Sacred Galactic Scripture I share here are written for enlightenment. I feel they are coded with instructions on how to return this Planet back to the Higher Dimensions. It is my opinion that when we review Sacred Galactic Scripture, all the answers are hidden within.

His Holiness The Dalai Lama says Buddhists call the highest awakening Parinirvana. Deepak Chopra says what made Jesus the Son of God is he had attained God-consciousness. Jesus declared, “the Father and I are one.” I call this being Christed, or having obtained Christ-consciousness, noting that this has no religion, but rather is a level of awakening. The Extraterrestrials we work with at The Galactic Federation, the ACIO and the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds are all ascended masters, or Christed Beings, operating through the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Office of the Christ. People on Earth and Mother Gaia herself, as well as all the Suns, Stars and Planets in our Cosmos, indeed All That Is, Totality, Divine Grace, are all in a constant state of evolution heading toward higher levels of Ascension.

I present to you here your true Galactic history as I see it. As Starseeds, we sense that the establishment religions have hidden the truth inside translations of the Bible, Torah and Koran that do not have their original meaning. There are metatronic codes of consciousness in these included Sacred Galactic Scriptures. All the history you have longed for about your Galactic Ancestors, is contained here. Reading them will accelerate your Ascension greatly. You will undoubtedly tap into the higher vibrations of the Godhead. When you get into reading them, you realize they connect you directly to Divine Grace, thereby creating a feeling of euphoria as you re-enter Oneness.

Starseeds are awakening. You may feel you have studied for lifetimes and you are ready for a big Mission. You may be just waking up and not have much background information about religion, history or literature. You may be too young to remember the work of the Indigo Elders since 1933. I invite you to glance through this collection of higher learning. It is not easy reading. As you read, light bulbs will go on, connections will be made and there will be more than one aha moment. Reading it is designed to unlock time capsules of inner knowing, coded messages that your Higher Self unlocks for you, when you are ready. Everyone will receive something different. This is a launch pad to learning. You are required by the Universe to seek out the answers to the questions this body of work raises for you. You will come away from this experience with more questions than answers.  It is a seed which is planted, let’s watch it grow.

Rumi, one of the most uplifting spiritual teachers of Islamic tradition, told us, ‘if Divine truth and realities were evident, religious laws would become useless’. As Starseeds, it is our responsibility to alter our human nature. Take the time to explore the long hidden Ancient Texts and you will begin to remember your true Galactic Heritage. I have included the full texts of some of the most important Sacred Galactic Scripture available to us on Earth. May the effort of this book cultivate a greater understanding of our true Galactic origins and the beauty, unity and joy contained within. We are, together restoring Earth to her pristine Supreme Love.

Namaste. ~et

by Elizabeth Trutwin© All Rights Reserved.

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  1. stephen says:

    Sat Nam ! Wahey Guru!

  2. Glad to have companion here …
    For last year I thought I’m struggled alone …

    ^^ Felicity & Protections ^^
    Equator Line, Pontianak, Kalimantan Barat, Earth Planet

  3. rich says:

    link broken.

  4. rich says:

    I was told to beware of the Galactic Federation of Light, that they are from Sirius B, a bad corner of the galaxy, and that the Galactic Federation was the “good guys”. Who’s right?

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