Robert Jamison, USAF

Robert Jamison, USAF retired
Robert Jamison, was a missile maintenance
officer whose job was to restart Minute Man I
nuclear missiles that were in a “No Go” mode,
or had malfunctioned. He often rode many
miles downrange in the middle of the night
over the wilderness to rectify missile failures
as a result of UFO related incidents. Cases of
ten missiles at a time going down once a UFO
had entered the area were not uncommon.
“Oscar Flight” and “Echo Flight” were two
such sections of the huge Malmstrom missile
range that had been neutralized by UFO
incursions. One UFO went down into a
canyon and was reported there where it was observed to be landed on the canyon floor, but once
helicopters had been deployed by morning into the area, it quickly shot up into the sky and departed the
area. These events occurred in 1967.
Command had been issuing very unusual orders in relation to proper procedure in the event of another
UFO sighting, indicating that the missile maintenance crews were to seek safety at the nearest
installation and await further instructions once a sighting had been reported. It seemed to him that the Air
Force was exercising caution in the event that more of their missile sites went down once a UFO entered
the area.

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