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Truth Embargo THE MOVIE

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1994-Area 51, Nellis AFB Video Bootlegged by High Ranking Official Out of Base

1994-Area 51, Nellis AFB, This video supposedly was bootlegged out of Area 51 by a high ranking Military official who worked at the base. It was allegedly shot from military cameras. The object appears as an orb which makes remarkable movements, and changes shape. It covers approximately 13 miles in six seconds, making changes as it goes. Whether an extraterrestrial craft or secret military vehicle, this is a great clip.

Please Sign The White House Petition Asking President Obama Tell The Truth About Our Government Engaging With ETs http://Wh.Gov/Hqqe

There is A New White House Petition Respectfully Asking President Obama To Disclose to Earth Citizens. Please click on the pic To Sign~ Any Country May Sign~Only Initials are Needed~ Thank YOU!

Galactic Roundtable BBSRadio Live Interview with Stephen Bassett MONDAY APRIL 1st about the Citizen Hearing

Greetings Everybody!
An Extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race is hidden by a government imposed Truth Embargo. At Galactic roundtable we aim to expose the fact that ETs are here on Earth by requesting the government to disclose officially their interactions over the past 65 years with Extraterrestrials.

I host Galactic roundtable The Countdown To Disclosure – a daily internet radio program discussing The Truth Embargo and bringing information from researchers and witnesses who have committed their lives to telling the truth about what they know.

I am very happy to let  you know we will have a live guest interview April 1st, 2013 with Stephen Bassett, Producer of the Citizen Hearing.
You are encouraged to ask the guest questions HERE, by return email now and during the event.

Tune in on your computer at and listen online.
April 1st, 2013 10 am PT, 11 am MT, 12pm CT, 1pm ET, 5pm GMT

Timely Link:

Stephen Bassett is an exopolitical activist and a leading advocate for ending the 65-year government imposed truth embargo regarding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.  He is the executive director of the Paradigm Research Group (PRG) which will produce a “Citizen Hearing on Disclosure” in 2013.   Stephen has spoken to audiences around the world about the implications of formal Disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence, and his advocacy work has been extensively covered by national and international media.

PRG Media Coverage:
PRG TV/Video Interviews:
PRG Websites:

A very important part of this message which is dear to my heart is I feel it is very important as Earth Citizens that all of us be present during the Citizen Hearing all week live OR live stream. I feel we owe a Soul debt to the heros who kept their silence in their official capacities to bring us the truth now. It will change everything in our World to have an Official Disclosure ~ for example, we will have to rewrite history.
Please Live Stream for $3.80 all week Buy Access Here

Namaste! Elizabeth Trutwin,,,

Please also if you have not yet check out the White House Petition and sign if you feel so inspired.

Citizen Hearing on Disclosure – April 29 to May 3, 2013 – Washington, DC

An event with historical implications will be held at the National Press Club in Washington, DC from April 29 to May 3, 2013.  At that time as many as forty researchers and military/agency witnesses will testify for thirty hours over five days before former members of the United States Congress.   The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race will attempt to accomplish what the Congress has failed to do for forty-five years – seek out the facts surrounding the most important issue of this or any other time.

For this reason the motto for the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure is “If the Congress will not do its job, the people will.”

Reflecting the global implications of the issue, the CHD will be live streamed worldwide in English, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, Japanese and Mandarin (archive only).  This represents approximately one half of the world’s population.    Access to these streams is available via subscription here.

The Citizen Hearing on Disclosue will be filmed as the basis for a forthcoming documentary – Truth Embargo - by Just Cause Entertainment.

The title of this film is fitting as the goal of the Citizen Hearing is nothing less than the end of the extraterrestrial truth embargo this year.  The world’s people have waited long enough.

Over the coming weeks this site will develop rapidly with new information added daily.   Check back often for updates.,


Citizen Hearing on Disclosure is “If the Congress will not do its job, the people will.”


Citizen Hearing on Disclosure – April 29 to May 3, 2013 – Washington, DC An event with historical implications will be held at the National Press Club in Washington, DC from April 29 to May 3, 2013. At that time as many as forty researchers and military/agency witnesses will testify for thirty hours over five days before former members of the United States Congress. The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race will attempt to accomplish what the Congress has failed to do for forty-five years – seek out the facts surrounding the most important issue of this or any other time. For this reason the motto for the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure is “If the Congress will not do its job, the people will.”

Citizen Hearing on Disclosure

About the Live Stream

All five days of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure are being live streamed to the Internet and archived in six languages – English, Hindi, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese (arvhive only) – representing approximately one half of the world’s population.

Archives for each language except Mandarin will be posted on May 5 and available through the end of May. The Mandarin archive will be available on May 15 and available through June 15.

Subscribers can access the entire Citizen Hearing on Disclosure live broadcast plus evening lectures by Hearing witnesses for $3.80.

Subscribers can access the archives of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure and the evening lectures for $3.80.

This pass will be good from 8:45 AM to 6:45 PM Eastern Time for all five days of the Hearing, April 29 to May 3. The pass also includes lectures presented by Hearing witnesses each evening from 7 to 10 PM Eastern Time. Leading up to the Hearing you will have free access to trailers and other videos as they become available.

You may also purchase access to the ARCHIVE of the live stream for $3.80 which will be posted here on May 5 and accessible through the end of May.

Million Fax On Washington

The Million Fax on Washington is a Project of Paradigm Research Group

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“If Congress will not do its job, the people will.”

The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure

From April 29 to May 3, 2012 the Paradigm Research Group will hold a Citizen Hearing on Disclosure. It will consist of 30 hours of testimony from approximately forty witnesses testifying in groups of three and four regarding events and evidence relevant to extraterrestrial related phenomena. Each witness will deliver prepared remarks to be followed by questions from the hearing committee made up of five former members of the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate.

The setting for and conduct of the Citizen Hearing will match that of a formal Senate hearing to the extent possible. The Hart Senate Hearing Room will be the model. In addition to a press section, there will be room for a public audience of approximately 300. The entire Citizen Hearing, 40 hours, will be live streamed over the Internet. The last Congressional hearing addressing the ET subject occurred in 1968. The motto for the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure is, “If Congress will not do its job, the people will.”

White House response

to Disclosure Petition I

On September 22, 2011 PRG submitted Disclosure Petition I – Disclosure to the “We the People” petition project on the White House website. The petition acquired 12,078 signatures requiring a response from the White House. That response came on November 4, 2011 from the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) and stated, “The U.S. government has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race. In addition, there is no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public’s eye.”

Purpose for the Million

Fax on Washington

Repeated polling data has shown the vast majority of American citizens know the White House response to Disclosure Petition I is not true. The purpose of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure is to present to the world’s press the evidence the White House says does not exist and trigger a media engagement that ends the truth embargo in the summer of 2013. You can help by sending an email, fax and/or letter to the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy asking for the OSTP to send representatives to the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure to see and hear the evidence the White House says does not exist.

Send your request to:

Dr. John P. Holdren, Director

Office of Science and Technology

Executive Office of the President

Eisenhower Executive Office Building

1650 Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington, DC 20504

Fax: 202-266-7454


Email form:

Should I also call the OSTP?

No. Do not call. It will disrupt their operations and be counterproductive.

Important. Feel free to copy PRG at when

you send an email. This will help PRG to generate media interest in this effort.

What You Might Write

In your own words convey the following:

  1. You find the White House response to Disclosure Petition I – Disclosure to be unsatisfactory.

  2. There is substantial evidence pointing to an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race and the White House (OSTP) should examine that evidence,.

  3. The OSTP should send representatives to the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure as part of that examination.

  4. You believe a truth embargo regarding the ET issue has been imposed by the government for decades and this embargo must end now.

  5. You have a need and a right to know the truth of this matter and you can handle that truth.

Why You Should Do It

  1. It is time for the people to know the truth about the world they inhabit.

  2. Maintaining the truth embargo has cost a fortune, undermined the social contract, and led to abuses of secrecy and power.

  3. Until this embargo is ended there will be no public access to technologies derived from ET vehicles at a time of mounting economic and environmental challenges. The energy and propulsion physics of the “flying saucer” is needed now.

What You Should Know

  1. Letters are best, Faxes are next best, Emails are third best. Feel like doing all three? Fine.

  2. If you really want their attention, sign it with your name, address and phone number.

  3. Brief is better, but make your point.

  4. The Million Fax on Washington also encourages letters / faxes / emails from citizens of other nations since all are affected by the truth embargo.

  5. A Facebook Group Page has been created for the “Million Fax on Washington.” Spread the word to your Facebook friends.

  6. Important. Feel free to copy Paradigm Research Group at when you send an email. This will help PRG to generate media interest in this effort.

Million Fax on Washington Videos

[feel free to create one of your own]

Press Releases

Media Coverage

The full spectrum of coverage can be viewed by Googling “Million Fax on Washington”

German student creates electromagnetic harvester that gathers free electricity from thin air

EM Harvester

A German student has built an electromagnetic harvester that recharges an AA battery by soaking up ambient, environmental radiation. These harvesters can gather free electricity from just about anything, including overhead power lines, coffee machines, refrigerators, or even the emissions from your WiFi router or smartphone.

This might sound a bit like hocus-pocus pseudoscience, but the underlying science is actually surprisingly sound. We are, after all, just talking about wireless power transfer — just like the smartphones that are starting to ship with wireless charging tech, and the accompanying charging pads.

Dennis Siegel, of the University of Arts Bremen, does away with the charging pad, but the underlying tech is fundamentally the same. We don’t have the exact details — either because he doesn’t know (he may have worked with an electrical engineer), or because he wants to patent the idea first — but his basic description of “coils and high frequency diodes” tallies with how wireless power transfer works. In essence, every electrical device gives off electromagnetic radiation — and if that radiation passes across a coil of wire, an electrical current is produced. Siegel says he has produced two versions of the harvester: One for very low frequencies, such as the 50/60Hz signals from mains power — and another for megahertz (radio, GSM) and gigahertz (Bluetooth/WiFi) radiation.

The efficiency of wireless charging, however, strongly depends on the range and orientation of the transmitter, and how well the coil is tuned to the transmitter’s frequency. In Siegel’s case, “depending on the strength of the electromagnetic field,” his electromagnetic harvester can recharge one AA battery per day. He doesn’t specify, but presumably one-AA-per-day is when he’s sitting next to a huge power substation. It makes you wonder how long it would take to charge an AA battery via your coffee machine, or by leeching from your friend’s mobile phone call.

As a concept, though, Siegel’s electromagnetic harvester is very interesting. On its own, a single harvester might not be all that interesting — but what if you stuck a bunch of them, magnetically, to various devices all around your house? Or, perhaps more importantly, why not use these harvesters to power tiny devices that don’t require a lot of energy? Sensors, hearing aids (cochlear implants), smart devices around your home — they could all be powered by harvesting small amounts of energy from the environment.

One question does remain, though: How much ambient, wasted electromagnetic radiation is actually available? There are urban legends about people who install coils of wire in their garage, and then suck up large amounts of power from nearby power substations or radio transmitters. Would the power/radio company notice? Would it degrade the service for other people? Is this a likely plot for Die Hard 6: A better day to die hard?

Love is Source of Life. Source Provides. We can never be separate from Love, the Love of Source.

Love is Source of Life. Source Provides. We can never be separate from Love, the Love of Source.

This device to the left harnesses a “static magnet” which is the 7th energy type, near resembling magnetic light. Before I finished the book below, I had mistaken the Otis T. Carr OTC X1 dimensional teleportation craft as an antigravity flying platform, which it is not. It’s accurate description is a hovering teleportation (Tele – mind; portation – bio transposition) instrument, like a musical instrument, and an extension of the Human mind and life force itself (for more information see the links and research below). However, the OTC X1 uses and harnesses a static magnet, which is very useful in wireless transmission of electromagnetic current, through the air. Actually, that is something different. The X1 can be a warp drive capable ship; it IS an antigravity flying ship.

The device at left affected my chakras, and I have removed it, and the tower (seen below and in the downloads) from outside because natural frequencies of Earth are more beneficial to Life! I have made life changes because of what I’ve later realized after all this was done and finished. It is a mistake to claim Soul as the source of life, although the Soul is very much our Creative Powerhouse. That’s very important! Because no matter how beat down we can get, or how confused and how much regret, the Truth will always present itself in times of great need, and will always be known, even if times forget. Love is Source of Life, and the book below discusses that in great detail, and also reveals the consequences of ignorance, and the importance of discernment. Sometimes things may be very difficult, and very different, yet the Truth of Love always dispells the illusion — ultimately that of control and fear.

“It’s not our energy, it’s God’s energy, God’s Soul(s). …” — Dona Lusk

Source of All Life, Creator of souls, Radiant Love and Light, Life Force Flow, Prime Creator — When we as Humans look upon the Source of All Life we see a Man looking upon us. J.J. Hurtak was there. Praise the Creator, Love and Praise and Joy to God. Living Energy is Divine and far more than technology could ever conceive. The Soul is Life, as we are Life. A celebration of Life is a celebration of Source, and celebrating Prime Creator, Source of All Existence, of all Creation.


The link above, the X1 antigravity ship, presents a unique opportunity to examine the astounding visual physics that explain its operation. Such creations can be harder to understand, but can easily be realized by physically feeling out the energy. A concept of radiant lift however, is very useful for translocation of energy form, very likely a prelude to stargate mechanics, transporters, and supportive energy and thought transfer platforms.

If you’d like to know more about those dimensional warp physics, here are some links to research articles:




Warp Drive Physics
Pure energy has no speed limit, since pure energy phases out a mass wave to zero. Information can travel simultaneous from point A to point B, no matter what the distance. The twin partical experiments in Berkley and New York showed that. If we are to imagine star gates and quantum entangled particals, then a simultaneous relationship without regard to space and time has to be considered, shouldn’t it? Mass has a speed limit, energy does not unless it’s seen relative in a mass environment, like a physical universe. When we measure the speed of light, we are measuring relative gravity-time mass fields, say of star systems. A less massive star system would have a slower moving time frequency. More massive objects have a faster flow of time. Light measures the time speed of mass, otherwise light itself exists in much faster and near-simultaneous environments.

I would like to add to that to mention such phenomenon is seen as Mercury moves quicker around the sun — a more massive object — and thus the speed of time is faster. The frequency of time is faster near and surrounding heavy massive objects. That’s why warp drive physics is possible.

This is an introduction to warp drive physics so that the lay man can understand. There is no heavy math involved, although the concepts involved include a detailed examination of paradoxical and quantum unifiable systems, motion, and frequency. The downloadables below go into greater detail. I have laid it out on the page an evolution of form, and toward the bottom of the page it becomes much more clear as the engines and drive systems are put together.

I have made some mistakes in a few things and concepts particularly pertaining to higher notions of God and Consciousness; but I believe that a true Seeker will look at what is in front of him/her and think for oneself, and believe for oneself, and scrutinize for oneself, so that mistakes become stepping stones of the philosopher and scientist, to work through and come out the other side shining. May my mistakes be stepping stones for tomorrow’s pioneers.

Design and Detail
I would like to point out in the above design the adaptability of the double-wound coils, either Bedini style or induction style, and both. Beauty. Much of it can be interchangeable and adaptable on the fly for construction. This is a work in progress, and the design evolves as you read toward the bottom of the webpage. I had left parts out, but as I have read a lot over the years, I subconsciously left room for the appropriate components to be included. As you read down toward the bottom of the page, the parts are included and added. Some of the downloadables at the bottom are not as complete as the semi-finished project on this webpage. There is still much to learn, but I hope all this information provides a semi-complete understanding.

Electrostatic and magnetic components can also be interchangeable. The cones don’t have to necessarily touch the walls, that is easy for engineering drafting. The engineering is meant for easy grasp of concept. Some of the finer details are left more to abstract. Don’t be locked into “static thinking,” or seeing what is unchangeable and assuming the design to be flawed. Engineering is creative. For example, the ball-and-socket fitting on the lower tip of the cones is mutable and torsion-adjustable for speed and vortex adjustments. I took shortcuts because the engineering always works itself out in the construction, regardless. That’s what engineering is all about — creative thinking.

Also, Rodin technology (reactionless drive system) is also applied in different ways in these designs, including a re-engineered lower drive assembly not shown on this cover picture. The geometry known of the Rodin coil is also associated with Tesla technology and physics. The multipower source is self generating and Tesla magneto electrostatic amplification, transformation and generation systems. It does not require that much energy, but it DOES require Tesla-transformed ultra high frequency — the unity of positive and negative, of electric and magnetic, the interception of integrating matter and disintegrating matter. See the links above for further detail about the interception — see: Otis T. Carr.

I would like to also point out the air/spark gapped nature of the cones at the top and a possibility along the rims, the natural capacitance of the cones, and the addition of capacitance within the cones for running dual circuits magneto-electrostatically, and to complete those circuits “wirelessly” with or without internal components. Again, adaptability and tunability of design allows for the testing of greater ranges of possibility by making simple modifications and using easy-to-interchange parts.

In fact, one thing I just noticed is that the engine core (the cones) polarity can be reversed so air flow flows up, from bottom to top, spinning the cones and turning the generator below. As the inertial mass and spin is aligned and moves from bottom to top, that changes the whole thing, but uses the same parts without having to reverse the cones upside down in the engine core; also to avoid putting pressure on the cones as inertial lift, the flanged rims would have to be rounded teardrop shape. The unified force of the flow would move the ship in the same direction, engines run “backwards.”

A small design shift might or might not have to be made to handle the load of very super massive electrically-guided over c (electromagnetic wave) speed near-exotic proton (air) flow… but in retrospect, it would not harm the inside cones and components — electrically guided over curved surfaces. The cone structures shouldn’t have to handle load at all, but be part of the overall unity of forces.

I an unsure of how the universe works on that one note, until after an engine test — a reversible magneto-electrostatic exotic inertial warp engine. I am confident though, that it will work run either “forward” or “backward.” There’s a paradox there that can be logically determined to work in both ways.


Note the curved cone surfaces …

The proportions can be changed; it’s not set in stone. Note the rims of the cones curved for aerodynamics. The gravity forces on the lower engine assembly are noteworthy, however. The pictures below accomidate such forces in design. Ideally, I’d prefer the bottom of the cones to be parallel with the bottom of the wings, for a more true field effect. But, for experimentation this is merely a prototype to give one an idea of the physics. Don’t get confused that there is a section missing in this picture, the missing drive component is filled in below.

Like I said, there is a paradox to the dynamics of the warp field (more information is available in the downloadables below), which means it will work in one way or the other, either carrying the ship foward with the direction of inertial mass flow, OR moving the space in front of the ship THROUGH the ship, to behind the ship, creating travel in that scalar manner.

There is no direct force on the hull of the ship from the exotic flow of protons >magneto-electrostatically aligned and directed in polarity, spin, rotation, the inertial mass force of high frequency protons< because it is all electrically guided in a unified force where the hull becomes part of the overall geometry; but there is a structural load angular spin-rotation-gyration inertial force on the ship from the sphere below, pushing up.

The sphere below is directed in centripetal — inward directed vortex. There is very little of an outer centrifugal force generated, so it can spin very fast. A heavy mass moved in such a way exceeds and overcomes the inertial force of Earth’s gravity. I believe MIT has worked those vectors out, also. Again, more information is available in the downloads below, but if you just think about it for a while it becomes self-evident. See “Sphere of Mass” in the “Unified Mechanics” download. The sphere spins and revolves, as well as gyrates, like throwing a curve ball upward. That concept is called “angular inertia.”

To note additional adaptability, a spiraling spiral, directed AC (D-AC), similar to the concept below but expanded in dimensions of height and recirculated around the hull space could use the same “starboat” engineered ship design, using Rodin-Tesla internal geometry inside the cones to direct the exotic proton flow, similar to an AC circulation ring, spiraling downward over the cones and around the self-charged hull air-space and back through the engine again , rather than in just a relative 2 dimensionally structured field as the concept directly below.

Keep in mind the offset of the sphere unbalancing the gravitational shape of the overall gravitational unified force field from the main vertical engines. Such an imbalance creates inertial travel in one way. No engine is truly in a state of balance. Any equilibrium is the result of imbalanced forces working in harmony to achieve motion. What that means, is that the sphere at the bottom offsets the overall “warp geometry” of the ship to affect more positive lift or travel. In the lower designs a Rodin reactionless drive system is used — the Rodin Coil — to turn the sphere.
AC Exotic Antigravity

This is what’s evolving in the news recently, something like the picture to the left. There has to be something in the middle, like a cylinder shape to conduct gravity flow from a massive body, like a big coil or large saucer ship, with obvious pronounced positive and negative ends at a good distance. Would be interesting to see how such a thing develops. Be sure to examine Appendix IV in the book. Such Geometry is Sacred to the Cosmos indeed.

From my experience with magnetic and magneto-electrostatic forces, it is only a gliding, or a lift effect. Even though the force of the exotic protons (hydrogen probably) exceeds c (electromagnetic wave speed), the overall lift of the ship is a slight force. It could actually be very fast though as a reactionless exotic drive system, and hold the time synchronized between the gravity fields of star systems.

This design looks like a stargate opening a wormhole, and I’m sure these technologies of warp flight are very similar to such notions of universal travel. I’m sure we shall see how all these energies and geometries can work together to achieve travel outside our star system, to distance star systems, in the very near future.

I remember reading something about Tesla’s encounters with ET, and they had a ship designed very similar. In fact Tesla had an idea to make a large ring around the equator of Earth that would float above the surface of the Earth untethered, and be used for various reasons. There are always safety considerations to new technology. I believe these designs to be safe as long as certain conditions are tested. I’ve had some experience in unsafe conditions, but cannot remember those as they were too traumatic to study safely. Makes sense, right? It is unclear in many instances just what makes conditions unsafe. I have included some things in the large “unified mechanics” downloadable below on unsafe conditions, to avoid. I also like to stay away from notions of “quantum vaccum” or “void,” because there truly is no void that is not filled with energy. There are appropriate energy conditions to life, and inappropriate energy conditions to life. The one thing I wish to point out is the fact that pilots and occupants traveling in star ships ought to be free of toxins altogether, otherwise unsafe conditions could arise in the higher frequency environment of interstellar space flight. Particularly insanities could develop as high frequency energies affect the brain.
X1 Electrical Inertial Drive Upgrade!

This model is a teaching model, and a learning model. The lower drive system can be detached. It is a hybrid Hamel-Tesla-OTCX1 warp drive Starboat.

More details and physics explanation is in the downloadable file below.

There may some mystery, but there really is none. The glow of the X1 disk changes color which can be seen through crystal windows or lenses to let the pilot easily know what the frequency speed of the craft is.

I’ve provided research links and downloadable material to explain this “mess” of how the heck do we fly in space?! This has been my boyhood dream all my life that I have finally achieved. I’ve done it all alone, although most of the work was already done by famous scientists such as Tesla, and Rodin, Bedini, John Hutchison, Otis T. Carr, Townsend Brown, Einstein, I could go on and on. Famous inventors and visionaries, David Hamel, Ed Leedskalnin, Leonardo Da Vinci, noble spirits, spiritualists too, famous and renowned, and all that open and free information out there that have all been the hard road paved.

Various Construction notes:
The inner hull can be supported by opposing magnets, keeping any construction framing from penetrating the air space. That is the protective atmosphere that shields the crew from harmful radiation. Any framing blocking any of the air flow would create a penetration zone. Components in the wing tips must have a space around them at least, for the exotic (ultra high frequency – monoatomic) air to flow. Although in this upgraded design, those EG-RCS engines won’t be needed. Run through two Tesla transformers on the left and right side of the ship, in the wings, connects the circuit from the energized engineering space where the X1 disk spins, through the top toroid, energizing the cones, for hyper-speed. Otherwise the cones turn the X1 engine on and off by engaging or disengaging the gravite transmission; the magnets around the rims lift the cones up naturally. Air “breathers” can be used in the atmosphere to vent and freshen the ship. The bird can be scaled in size in the same dimensions shown here.

The sphere at the bottom in its motion locks in the gravity-time frequency so that the ship can leave the solar system and travel to other star systems and return without thousands of years passing by on Earth. In deep space, the time zone is very slow. From star system to star system, there is not that much of a time difference, but traveling through deep space incurs a very large temporal difference. Time speeds up near gravitational bodies, and in gravitational fields. In deep space, time moves very slowly.

As a note, that principles of the sphere operate on the concept of weight into speed, by David Hamel. The sphere spins and rotates very rapidly in a reactionless drive system, and as we know in relative physics, the faster mass moves nearing the speed of light, the more the mass increases, and thus the frequency of time (the “time zone”) also speeds up. It doesn’t take much for a larger massive body to speed up though, to achieve a noticable time warping effect, in theory.

The sphere at the bottom is powered by a Rodin coil (google: Rodin coil, Rodin winding). The sphere idealy is an iron core, a permanent iron magnet encased in red granite (to handle hardness and heat factors) or aerogel. The magnetic vortex spirals the north and south poles in an angular inward-spinning vortex. John Searl’s work in antigravity motion is similar, but the movement is quite different, as is the setup. The sphere is not a SEG. There is considerably less mass involved in the sphere design here, and all of the mass is put to use and is in motion.

As the forces are directed in harmony with each other, the inertial fields overlap into a unified shape without applying crushing pressure to the hull. By speeding up the frequency of time using the engines on the ship (main engine, exotic engine, sphere engine) then the warp field is established. Time slows down around the ship, and yet the ship also travels in a faster flow of time regardless. The ship will travel quickly relative to the pilots, and even more so relative to an outside observer.

Rodin coils also can fit around the vertical engine core, and the coils be made to pulse energy down through the coils. In the design though, the coils are inside the cones. In retrospect, I would raise the X1 outer disk up a little, to make more room for larger utrons and electromagnets. That’s just a detail. Also the utron power cell design itself can be altered and modified.

Flight Systems and Dynamics:

This bird has shields. The electrogravity plates when charged in a rotating AC configuration are high frequency inertial energy shields that make the hull ultra strong, and project inertial energy force outward. There are some dynamics to that for various situations. There is a LOT that CAN be done with this bird, in theory. Power can be increased to the shields by using them in tandem with the main engine. Ultra maneuverability is augmented by tunable controls for power settings. There are other useful features, too. Thought Piloted.

Thoth’s ship.


(thought boat) described in hieroglyph in the Great Pyramid.

Recommended Websites:

Reiki pure Love Websites, DIVINE Energy Dimensions of Action:


This is a slight variation of my same design above — a little bigger utrons. Note the field potentials in the positive and negative top and bottom energy shape of the X1 modified engine. The air flow holds the field shape of the static electromagnet. The cones increase the engine inertia (a radiant flying gravity transformer) to ultra high frequency inertial gravity sacred energy. Simple Beauty

A nonconductive iris can be fitted to close between the upper and lower cones. The upper cones can be fitted with power cells, there’s room. There are a few things I would change on this design to streamline it more, maybe make the X1 disk a little bigger, and provide more room around the bottom of the X1 capacitor disk, and make the lower sphere a little smaller. That’s the idea, though. Hours to get to our closest star, instead of months. The transmission is made from granite which I call the “gravite transmission” (Google: David Hamel). If these pictures are too blurry, look at for clearer pictures, and see the downloadables below. For more details on the X1 drive, see the links above about Otis T. Carr. Also I’ve provided information below in the downloadables. A regenerative motor circuit was before unknown and hidden until John Bedini published his circuit designs.


This is better proportioned. There is more clearance between the lower X1 disk surface and the hull to prevent electrical arcing. The sphere is slightly smaller to give it more maneuverability. In this design, the lower engine is permanently affixed, yet solid enough. The forces will have to be worked in tandem to keep the lower hull from bowing and clipping an utron on an electromagnet at high speeds. In this design and the one above, the “sound cavity” housing the X1 can affect performance differently. Note the Rodin coil reactionless drive which moves the sphere at the bottom. There are some design specifications in the downloadable below.


In these two variations, there is more room between the lower X1 disk and hull to prevent electrical arcing from the electrogravity plates. The sphere is slightly smaller (same size as the one directly above) so as not to make the X1 struggle.

The only real engineering concern is having enough clearance between the utron and electromagnets so that any hull flexing can be accommodated. The forces will have to be balanced when it moves also, again to prevent engine parts from hitting/clipping each other from hull flexing/cambering.

In this design, the lower engine assembly can be removable in flight, which is why it’s double framed and the lower engine assembly unsightly juts down a little lower than in the upper designs.

Here the LAU-X1 lower drive has been removed. These are rough just to give an idea. I wanted to illlustrate how easy it is to replace the lower assembly for an ease of testability. A nice curved structure can replace the flat structure, mounting the X1 disk to a solid affixed structure mounted to the main (primary) hull. Regardless, a curved hull cap can be added to make the engine more rigid to handle the forces of flight and motion.

This design is a test design, not intended for an FTL or warp drive; although in this configuration the ship may be able to move through the 5th dimension and not be hindered or limited by time (the X1 is a 4D drive system), and be able to go where the pilot wants to go, although that is still speculative until such ships are flight-tested. See: hyperdimensional navigation in “Unified Mechanics.”

That does not mean the ship can move forward and backwards through time, just through all possible fields of parallel and simultaneous time; the pilot keeps the ship located in a reality. Without the sphere, the engine needs to be turned off before disembarking, or the ship will disappear.

This engine in combination is a 5D engine. There is more than what can be told in a book, or in a webpage that is possible with this engine. It can be compared to a “beam ship,” although truly can go beyond, and return, perhaps when the conditions are right to build it in peace and harmony.
“Unified Mechanics of Ascension – The Building Physics of Lightdrives,” is a detailed examination of how we create our reality, how we can transcend the physical form as Luminous and Living beings of Love, how the universe is created, where we and all of Existence came from, Who We Are, what We can do, and what is the Truth of Existence – a roadmap of where we are now and through 2012.

It is written from many points of view: philosophical, metaphysical, and para-psychological; and uses quantum mechanics, hyperdimensional physics, electrostatic and magneto-electrostatic energy and inertial physics, along with relative and astrophysics to achieve the unification of the paradox of the physical and nonphysical multiverse, with the focus upon frequency and inertial unities of light energy, Life creation, and Soul.

It is also easy to understand, and actually explains what the heck is Pi by showing what Pi does! True to Einstein, unification is the most simple and most real, and from that perspective, it all makes perfect sense. The technology of the Great Tesla is shown, how it is easily derived, and practical usage of that paradigm of energy-thinking. Shocking revelations of our highly advanced and very ancient Earth – Galactic civilization puts the Human race into a perspective in harmony with other life throughout the Cosmos. Finally, stargates and time travel, and the technology of hyperdrive “faster than light” travel to other stars are made understandable and buildable, complete with layouts and blueprints!

Free Download
These were done prior the end of 2012. Things now have changed since then for the highest good and benefit of life. At this point, I feel it to be important, I wrote the book in hopes that it can be read by everyone — scientists, athiests, Christians, Buddists, etc — and it was very hard to do. I have made mistakes. But I want to say that I believe in God.
Download File
Download File
Download File

I have been working on this for 7.5 out of 10 years. I have dedicated that time 100% to achieving this, and the other times spent in support of achieving this, and I’ve made sacrifices along the way. I have spent many hours “24/7″, in the lab, at the desk, etc, researching and discovering.

It has cost me a lot to complete this, and the website also costs in maintenance.

If you like this work, and wish to contribute or make a donation, I will be truly grateful and thankful for your support. It is my deepest Honor.

To send mail:

LAU Trust
PO Box 1187
Tahlequah, OK 74465

God Bless all of you, and may the Spirit of Love warm your hearts. Stand in unity, stand together, and stand in safety. In spite of changes, I know that we are Loved. The alternative is to remain ignorant, yet is it safe? The alternative is total destruction, and yet is that the reality? We wouldn’t even exist if it is fate to cease. What remains could be to diverge, and what is an experience of unity unless some aspects of modern day are lost? Change is inevitable, and yet happiness and joy is desired by Humans, and by God.

Are we on course for bliss and joy? Responsible play, happiness? I am no authority. I am just a man.


Some Strange Things Are Happening To Astronauts Returning To Earth

Who would have thought traveling to outer space could be such a profound experience? OK, probably everybody, but these former astronauts really articulate it in a way that was just a little mind-blowing.

The Lost Betty Hill Interview – Part I

Legendary abductee Betty Hill is interviewed by New England folklorist John Horrigan in October of 1999. This interview, conducted at Betty’s home in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, was thought to be lost to posterity until Horrigan discovered the tape in his attic in October of 2009.

For more information on this event, considered by many to be the first publicized alien abduction, see the entry here:…

In this segment, Betty describes her alleged encounter with extraterrestrials (along with her husband Barney) on the evening of September 19th-20th, 1961.

ISS Scientists Work in Joint Efforts With Extraterrestrial Scientists

Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer claims huge cosmic ray haul

By Jason Palmer Science and technology reporter, BBC News, Geneva

The experiment, seen here installed on the space station, cost some $2bn

The largest-ever experiment in space has reported the collection of some 18 billion “cosmic ray” events that may help unravel the Universe’s mysteries.

The data haul is far greater than the total number of cosmic rays recorded in a full century of looking to date.

Run from a centre at Cern, the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) aims to spot dark matter and exotic antimatter.

The astronauts who installed it on the space station in 2011 are in Geneva to see an update on how it is performing.

Mission commander Mark Kelly told reporters that AMS was “the pinnacle of the science that the ISS will do”.

The huge number of events seen by the experiment includes some of the highest-energy particles from the cosmos that we have ever seen.

Kelly’s flight – the STS-134 mission – was the last for the shuttle Endeavour before it was retired from the Nasa fleet.

The crew visited the Payload and Operations Control Centre at Cern on Wednesday, where a shift of six scientists is watching what is whizzing through the AMS 24 hours a day.

Seven-tonne giant

AMS deputy spokesman Roberto Battiston told BBC News that seeing the astronauts back in town was “a great joy”.

“We are really thankful of these astronauts because we should never forget they put their lives at stake to do something that for us is pure fun – that is our interest, our curiosity,” he said.

Mark Kelly, flanked by Rolf Heuer and Samuel Ting Mark Kelly (C) said AMS was the most significant experiment on the space station

“They have high expectations that the AMS will find something interesting, because they put a lot of effort into it. They feel part of the family.”

At the heart of the seven-tonne, $2bn machine is a giant, specially designed magnet which bends the paths of extraordinarily high-energy charged particles called cosmic rays onto a series of detectors, giving hints of what the particles are.

A series of ever-larger particle accelerators built here on Earth aim to drive particles to ever-higher energies, smashing them into one another to simulate the same processes that create them elsewhere in the cosmos.

But no Earth-bound experiment can match nature’s power as a particle accelerator – and Earth’s atmosphere absorbs incoming cosmic rays – so the AMS will catch some of these high-energy particles “from the source”, as a kind of complement to the likes of the Large Hadron Collider.

In scientific terms, the stakes could not be higher. The AMS should be able to spot the results of collisions of the mysterious dark matter that makes up most of the mass of our Universe, catch completely new forms of matter that include the aptly named “strange” quark, or resolve why the Universe we see is made mostly of matter rather than antimatter.

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Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer

Transition Radiation Detector determines highest-energy particle velocities

Silicon Trackers follow particle paths; how they bend reveals their charge

Permanent Magnet is core component of AMS and makes particles curve

Time-of-flight Counters determine lowest-energy particle velocities

Star Trackers scan star fields to establish AMS’s orientation in space

Cerenkov Detector makes accurate velocity measurements of fast particles

Electromagnetic Calorimeter measures energy of impacting particles

Anti-coincidence Counter filters signal from unwanted side particles

“It took more than 35 missions to build the International Space Station – very complicated space shuttle flights – to construct this incredible laboratory in space,” said Captain Kelly.

“When we installed AMS, that was the last piece of the ISS, then the space station was complete. This is really the pinnacle of the science that ISS will do, in my opinion the most significant experiment we have on board.”

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Dark energy and dark matter mysteries

Dark matter distribution simulation
  • Gravity acting across vast distances does not seem to explain what astronomers see
  • Galaxies, for example, should fly apart; some other mass must be there holding them together
  • Astrophysicists have thus postulated “dark matter” – invisible to us but clearly acting on galactic scales
  • At the greatest distances, the Universe’s expansion is accelerating
  • Thus we have also “dark energy” which acts to drive the expansion, in opposition to gravity
  • The current theory holds that 73% of the Universe is dark energy, 23% is dark matter, and just 4% the kind of matter we know well

In its 14 months of operation, the AMS has logged some 18 billion cosmic rays – more than collected in a century of looking before now.

But the AMS is a one-of-a-kind machine, so it has taken some time just to understand what it is seeing hundreds of times per second – and the team has only analysed a few percent of the data.

Nobel laureate Sam Ting of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has led the project since its inception some 17 years ago, through a number of setbacks and budget concerns that nearly saw the project shelved altogether – until an act of the US Congress and an unscheduled shuttle mission put it in space.

The team has already noted an excess of extremely high-energy positrons – the antimatter equivalent of electrons – and atomic nuclei at 9 teraelectronvolts (TeV) – higher even than the LHC can produce.

But Prof Ting is interested most of all in careful, methodical work, and is in no hurry to formally announce any findings.

“I have told my collaborators that in the next 40-50 years it is very unlikely people will be so foolish as to repeat this experiment, given the difficulty I ran into,” Prof Ting told BBC News.

“Therefore it’s extremely important when we publish a result, we publish it correctly, because otherwise you’ll certainly mislead physics and there’s no way to check us.”

Looking for answers

Mission specialist on STS-134 Greg Chamitoff told BBC News that it was “great to be able to celebrate together” with the AMS team.

“If they discover an antimatter particle – even one – that’ll be phenomenal, because they’ll also know which direction it came from and they might be able to say ‘that galaxy over there is an antimatter galaxy’,” he said.

“What we learn from what it discovers could really transform our understanding of what’s in the Universe.”

The astronauts were accompanied by their wives, including STS-134 mission commander Mark Kelly’s wife, Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. The trip to Cern is her first international journey since recovering from a gun attack in her home state just a few months before the mission.

AMS control room Cern in Geneva hosts the control room for the AMS experiment

Cern’s director of research Sergio Bertolucci welcomed the visitors, saying “it is a clear sign that we’ll not find our answers in only one place”.

“The fact that AMS is addressing some of the same questions (as the LHC) is in my opinion a nice way in which we see that in this field we cannot get too specialised because probably the answer we’re looking for… needs more, different inputs,” he told BBC News.

“After all, we’re trying to explain this small thing: why the Universe is like it is.”

Prof Ting stubbornly refuses to be drawn on what he expects, or even hopes, to find as the team catches up with its glut of data.

Instead he imagines that perhaps we cannot conceive of what is to come.

“Look at particle physics in the last half century,” he said.

“In the 60s, the largest accelerators were at Cern and Brookhaven, to study nuclear forces. At Cern, they discovered neutral currents; at Brookhaven they found two kinds of neutrinos, CP violation and the J particle. All three were given Nobel prizes.

“At Fermilab, the original purpose was to study neutrino physics, what was discovered was the fifth and sixth quarks.

“When you build something new, you ask the best expert what could be discovered, but what you discover with a precision instrument normally has nothing to do with the original purpose.”