Going Home

by Elizabeth Trutwin© All Rights Reserved.


Mark and I and our Twin Flames leave together to go to Mercury. Ashtar and KOS come to take us there with Mother Sekhmet, Michael and Metatron.
Mercury is very close to the Sun. The brilliance of sunlight is too bright for comfort. The brightness of the sun hits your skin and hair and feels like a force, almost like walking into the wind. It feels overwhelming, but not in an unpleasant way. One feels blown over by the sunlight. Ashtar drives the cruiser into a tunnel and we see those from Mercury live in the inner part of their Planet. Mercury is very large. We went deep deep into a tunnel.

When we arrived at the Inner Mercury I asked our host, Mercury/Hermes to please show us to the Great Temple on Mercury.
The next thing I see, flying in the sky and flapping its wings is a giant fire Phoenix. It had fire wings which were pointed and a high plume of fire on its head and long fire tail feathers. I could see the Phoenix was the Guardian to this Temple.

He takes our Group to a Temple which is a Great Pyramid. Its sides are made of transmuted gold, very shiney, a dark gold color. This Great Pyramid Temple of Mercury is about 4X the size of The Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt. Then, looking at the capstone, one can see at about 10% of the apex of the Pyramid is not gold, but the apex is made of a giant crystalline merkaba. This is spinning and the light from the Sun is brilliantly shining through the crystal merkaba into the inside of the Pyramid. This giant spinning crystal light took my breath away. As we walked closer to the giantgolden Pyramid Temple, Mercury/Hermes walked in front. His presence allowed an interdimensional doorway on the face of the Pyramid to reveal itself. This was a cutout leading into the Pyramid Temple and it was trapazoid-shaped. We all walked through the underpass area and then entered a flat stone tile floor. The stone was smooth as glazed marble, and had seams and the stone rectangles were very large indeed. The entire base of this Pyramid Temple floor was 4X the area of the base of the Giza Pyramid. There was a feeling of expansiveness inside the Temple. The first thing I saw entering here was the Great Greek God Zeus sitting on a Throne. Then I noticed Titan and Hercules was there. All of the Greek Gods and Goddesses were here. The next thing I noticed was the light from the sun shone onto the floor from the merkaba in the apex of the Pyramid Temple. As we walked closer to the center, the floor started to morph and reveal a larger merkaba and less floor. The merkaba grew as we walked towards it. It became something one could step into. It spun and was light and the light from the Sun, so close to Mercury, and so intense, came in from the apex and shone into this merkaba on the floor. Mercury/Hermes said: You may step into this merkaba and by doing so open a portal of co-creation. Before stepping into the merkaba on the floor, you may make any wish, and you may make many wishes. If it is your highest good, this will be fulfilled without limitation. Everyone is encouraged and invited to come here with their heart’s desire and ask for their wish. After this One steps into the merkaba to make the wish request. I thought very hard about my list of wishes and so did Mark. We knew what we would ask for. Then I asked if our families, our children could come too, with their wishes, and they said Yes, and I said, and Tara and Rama? Yes and then I said, May I ask all people 6 degrees out from us may also come in now, with their wishes? Mercury/Hermes said Yes. We stepped into the merkaba with our Families and Tara and Rama and those in our Group, and that is when the light from the sun, Sol, shone into the capstone merkaba nad through to the florr merkaba and our bodies turned into perfect light and we were the light. The energy was gentle and intense. We were flooded in light and became the light and the energy felt intensley equisite and I stood there in deep gratitude and giving thanks to Ashtar, KOS, AA Michael, AA Metatron, Mother Sekhmet, Mercury/Hermes, Mark and our Twin Flames, our Families and our Friends for being with us here and helping us remember this place. We stood there a long time enjoying the great influx of energy. Mercury/Hermes then said: Anything that is wished for in this space, if for the person’s Highest Good, will be brought back to the physical, through the 13th Gateway, and manifested on the physical plane in a greatly accelerated rate, compared to not coming to the Pyramid Temple at Mercury. We thanked him for hosting us in the Temple. As the energies abated, we stepped off the merkaba on the floor, back onto the giant stone tiles. And just as we did, golden sparkles, like tiny confetti lit up our visual field. It was similar to when someone has their picture taken by a flash camera. Afterward, One temporarily has blue vision, due to the flashcube. It is just like that, but instead of blue vision, you will see sparkly gold glitter. Then we knew it was done and our dreams would be made manifest in the physical, healings for everyone and world peace, to name but a few. Please visit this place in your dreamtime and meditation.


We jump to a shuttle craft driven by Ashtar and in the jump seat is KOS. They take us into an inner tunnel at Mars. We see in the distance a domed city, a very very tall dome on the interior core of Mars. A door on the side of the dome opens and we are allowed access. The architecture in the City here is minimalist and futuristic. There are floating oasis’ with water and green plants. The structures they float on are artificial but the living things are natural. Sunlight is tunneled in from the surface and the dome city is full with sunlight. We enter a building which has no outer distinguishable characteristics.

Inside is a meeting room with large monitor screens surrounding the table and chairs on all walls. These monitors are connected to the Ships. There is a Galactic Federation Symbol on the wall of the room. There we meet Commander Korton and Commander Mon-Ka, the Mars Council, Ashtar and KOS.

Commander Mon-ka speaks~
Dear Friends,
You have been expanding your understanding of higher dimensions. You know a little about parallel Planets and you have been exploring stair-stepping the dimensions and also Higher Octaves. In exploring these ideas, minds have expanded to a place where we may talk to you about how things really are. In preparation for First Contact, one must expand and mature their thoughts regarding how things work. When your Hubble Telescope views and photographs Mars, it is sending back 3D photos of a burned up shell of a Planet.
Long ago there was a ‘change point’ of which the people and the Planet Mars evolved into a Higher Dimension. When you link with us OOB, as now, you are linking with us in a parallel dimension, a Higher Dimension. As Earth ascends, as do the individuals on Earth, all who choose to ascend, will travel through the ‘change point’ on Earth. You are traveling through this now, it is a process. Everything you have been discussing of late regarding Earth changes, individual ascension, as well as politics, world peace, end of pollution, eradication of disease, and the end of financial slavery and bringing justice to all, lead up to moving through the ‘change point’ for Earth. When NESARA is announced it is a beginning of change, not an end of the old regime. It is a beginning of living in the parallel Earth, the Higher Dimensional Earth. It is what you have been calling the Master Plan or the New Plan.
The Face on Mars is an implosion of our Gateway Temple, it is the face of Creator. Earth going through this ‘change point’ means it is moving to a Higher Octave. Earth will remain the same, only it will be perceived from a Higher Frequency. Those not ascending will not join Terra Nova. They will instead go to a Planet in a parallel dimension of a different frequency. Nothing is lost.
Now, here in this meeting point, in this room, we are not speaking to you from the old shell of the 3D Mars perceived by your current technology, no. You are seeing us in a meeting place which is on the parallel Mars, in a Higher Frequency. We greet you with cheers of celebration. We are very pleased you are able to perceive us this way now. A large number of you are asking for change and able to understand how things truly exist in this Cosmos.
We on Mars continue to work and evolve in our underground domed city. We, along with 10 other Planets, in various phases of ascension, along with the 12 Planets which make up your local system, are participating in the plan for terraforming Mars back to its Pristine condition. We Planets have a long history of telepathic communication. We also traveled in spacecraft to Earth and stars and the 12 Planets in our local system. There were times after Earth became inhabited with dense form humans that our relations were not always civil. We are evolving past that time now. I work with the Galactic Federation as a protector of Earth. I work on the Saturian Council and work closely with the Ashtar Command in furthering Earth’s Master Plan for Ascension. All of the Planets in our ‘time space realm’ are firing up our crystalline cores and preparing for the Great Shift back to love. Everything you are experiencing on Earth, we too are experiencing in our own way. Everything you do effects us. If you are successful, so are we, we cannot abide a failure. There is a joint effort from the Intergalactic Federation of Worlds to see to it that nothing stands in the way of Earth Ascension. This is a very exciting time, and we all celebrate with you.
I am working with Sanat Kumara from Shamballa using their Hall of Records. It is here that we have digital records of every human on Earth. We work with Commander Soltec who heads up all Intergalactic Communication. We join our work with the Silent Watcher on the 172 Dimension with

their communication system. Ashtar links into them with Hatonn and the Protection Forces. ALl of these share Intel with KOS and Korton, Commanders of the Protective Forces of Earth. They work with the Cosmic Secret Service. You have heard of Project Blue Beam and FOBOS, the artificial satellite as well as secret satellite stations and on and on. Ashtar and his Protective Forces have dismantled or neutralized all of the mentioned negative nanite technology and systems put into place as a subversive measure to Earth Ascension. These negative influences have been removed and the final tipping point are arrests. We require all negative influences, all those involved in deception, greed, genocide, injustice, to be removed as they are not able to ascend into the parallel frequency with Earth. In the words of KOS “It is happening now”.

Bless You All! We rejoice in your Knowing!
Beth and Mark. Please meet Ashtar and I tomorrow morning for a meeting regarding ‘What’s Next’. Blessings,



We join St Germain and Queen Mab, with our Twin Flames to travel OOB to see Pluto.

There are very large structures on Pluto. Pluto, was, in ancient Cultures, a Far off Land of Riches. The Egyptians travelled here in craft for Gold, rare minerals, jewels, building needs, stones, food stuffs, herbs, liquids, raw materials.
There are rare crystals, musical devices and technologies from foreign places.

Pluto is an epicenter of wealth and an intergalactic trading post. To get in a Fleet of Ships and come here for your needs,
was to bring your best negotiators for trading. Not only your best people, but Goods and Crafts for Trading.

When we get there we are greeted by Lions roar. Paschats are there, guardian the stacks of goods out to be searched.
They are friendly, for the most part. There are Ones of many colors here, different body types. There is a feeling of pirates and adventures. There is a feeling of far off exotic places. You may see all cultures here. Some are covered in hair from head to toe, like wookies. Some are like preying mantis, or other natural looking creatures. Some are very tall, some short, and the skin colors are all kinds.

Much of the Planet is built up. There are landing docks speckled all over the landscape.
There are relaxation areas for visiting for extended stays. There is lodging and amusement for the off Planet visitors.
There is a lot of space craft here and it is very congested. It is a bustling metropolis.
Pluto is also a trading center of ideas and magic. People come here to gain new abilities, to learn new things. Pluto attracts rare Beings offering their talents.
If you are lucky, you may find just the right one here while you are visiting.
Anything you think you may want or need, you can find on Pluto. It is a place many go to, but few have as a permanent residence.
This is the 8th DImension.

Ashtar, Please tell us about the Planetary Headquarters is administered.

Some of the trading families are members of it. They had different houses they belonged.
There were 5 families that were the main trading families. Was there a business Council?
Pluto is a swap meet, a mega mall and a vacation destination all rolled up in one. The traders family’s, House of An, keep up with supply and demand, sometimes in their favor, but in a fair trade system.


Sanat Kumara & Lady Venus took Mark and I, and our Twin Flames, on a tour at Hesperus, Venus.

When we arrived, Lady Venus and Sanat Kumara walked in front of us, on a foot path next to a lake. Mist came off the lake and filled the early morning air. There were enormous, lush, green trees there. The trees dotting the lake were 300 feet tall. They looked happy. It gave a feeling of magic to walk beneath them. They were as sentinels and very welcoming. I could feel them beaming love to us. This area reminded me of pictures of Japan. The path curved and suddenly pink showy flowers would be next to the path on a bush, at face level, to enjoy their color and fragrance. We continued to walk and we came to a small river.
We started to fly over the river, all of us, flying just above the water. The narrow river splashes water on my face and it feels like bliss. I realize the water is sentient and is communicating ecstatic joy to me. I see on the side of the river are two mermaids, a man and woman, the are sitting on the side of the river with their tails splashing in the water. The are nuzzled up together. They notice us and smile. They motion to us to dive down into the freshwater river with them. We dive in and follow them through underwater caves. There are multi colored fish and other sea creatures. We swim along greeting the sea coral which is very colorful, luminescent and cheerful. We swim on and come into a lagoon. When we come out of the water there it is seawater. The lagoon is filled with dolphins jumping and twirling in the water. They speak to us telepathically with big smiles inviting us to play in the water there with them. The sun is shining down as we walk out onto the beach. There comes a tiger, who walks up to us and a brown bear, carrying a walking stick. The tiger and bear talk to us in english and welcome us to their beach. The quality of the sun here is different. It is an orange peach colored sun and there is nothing harsh about it. It feels gentle and warm, as if it embracing us. There is nothing harsh or hot about it, it is the perfect temperature. The sky here is more purple than blue, a purple sky and an orange sun, a very pleasant surprise.
We leave the beach and fly over to a mountainside. Dotting the mountainside are little half round houses. These are all built in the same style. They are all placed on this side of the mountain to capture the best angles of the sun, the greatest part of the day.
We then fly over a large wide river which has tiny lights dotted all along both sides of the wide river. This look likes any large city on a river-London-like. There are many people in this large bustling City we see below. There are many who live there. We are told we will visit that area on another trip to Hesperus, Venus.


There are many interesting Beings on Neptune. All incarnated here invite the experience of being on a Planet all about LOVE

Mark and I and our Twin Flames travel on to Neptune.
Neptune’s energy is very green and lush, and verdant.

Queen Mab and St Germain are with us.

There are purple forests which come right up to the shores of the beach. The skies here are blue and the sun is yellow white.
We travel over the Sea in our Craft. It is tropical here, temperate, many trees and wildlife here, swinging in the trees, flying ones and crawling ones, life here is abundant.
We are in our craft and dive down into tunnels which are cut out of rock underground. We go a long way through these tunnels.
At the end there is sunlight and back up. Queen Mab has brought us to a meadow and it has Fairies which are our size walking around and cavorting with Elves with pointed ears. There are species her of the Flower People. I also see the Lady Bug Lady. There is frivolity and magic at play, many are laughing and playing in the meadow.
There are giant amethyst and ruby boulders in the grass of the meadow.
In the distance is a crystal orb, as big as we are. It is glowing like a light. We are invited to walk into it. We do and we tumble around and come out of this gateway to a sandy beach which is serene. There is white sand, trees and quiet surf. The sun shines over the water, the water sparkles.
We get into a craft to explore more of Neptune.
Neptune is very large compared to Earth and covered in forest. As we fly over they show me that the magical forests go on and on. Neptune has a series of StarGates. When you enter one, it is hard to know where you will come out. They are short cuts to other parts of the Planet. Earth has the same potential, connecting inner and outer Earth. There are also other portals connecting Hawaii with South America, the Pacific Isles and Europe, as well as the Mediterranean, just to name a few. Neptune and Earth are similar this way.
Neptune is the 9th DImension.
The buildings here look enchanted, as if built by Elves. There are stained glass windows, so when you walk inside, colors are at play casting colored shadows and bright spots on the floor where you walk. There are windows all over allowing the space to be filled with light. Walkways connect buildings, and when you are walking inside, you have the feeling you are outside. There is a very natural feeling here.
Queen Mab tells us more:
All the nature spirits make Neptune their home. The trees and rivers, the sea water and sky are all sentient. The animals talk to you. The flowers and some insects have crossed their DNA with the two-leggeds. There are tribes of flower people here living in giant forests with expansive meadows. It is a perfect spot where giant fruits grow on the trees and giant precious crystals dot the landscape. Everything here lives in peace. One comes to Neptune to rest in nature. The elemental spirits come here to experience several lifetimes worth of abundant sharing with all in the magical and natural realms. We have many kinds of good dragons here, in the sky, mountains, and sea. All of the sea life speaks and interacts in Cities built under the sea. On Earth there are whole Civilizations under the sea, which transplants from Neptune built. Not all of them “sunk”. We also have creatures here who would like to make Earth their new home; unicorns, fairies, elves, sprites, winged horses, gnomes, and many others. As Terra Nova becomes a Planet of Peace, these family members will return and bring their magic. Thank you for coming here with me for a visit today. We hope others will follow you here in their meditations and in their day dreams, as often as they would like.
~Queen Mab


The Original Architects of the Solar System and provided the technology and mathematics for cutting stones and building the pyramid with sound-the Uranians-levitate huge masses by neutralizing their mass. Matter/Antimatter.

Visiting Uranus.
We invite the Sunstar 4, Metatron and Michael, Lord Maitrya and St Germain.

Mark and I and our Goodly Company arrive on Uranus. There is fantastic and extra ordinary Architecture in the City where we are. It is on the Sea. It is big, like Manhattan, but the structures have organic shapes, like flowers and leaves and fit perfectly into the landscape, it is awe inspiring. There are round buildings with arched entries and fantastic spired towers.

St Germain takes us into a tall building with a peaked arch opening. We are welcomed by the Master Builders. They do not age, they are the originals which came to Earth to help build the pyramid system on Earth. In this building are screens with visuals of projects as well as models. There is an overlook and on display are models of projects done on Earth.

When we are introduced to the Uranians we see they are small in stature-they have black skin. We sit with them in an area they have prepared and they welcome us. We are sitting on large pillows on the ground, Japanese style. St Germain sits with us. He smiles and says he has sent our dosiers ahead, he is only partially kidding. He goes on to say they know us and our work for Earth Ascension. We drink with them. They explain they would like us to meet their Council of Elders. We agree. They say they would be quite honored if we would bring back a message with us from their Council. We are surprised they mean right now, and we agree to go with them-St Germain accompanies us. He has obviously been here many times before.
We walk into a hall and there are thousands of Uranians there. They stand from their seats when they see Mark, St Germain, and Beth walk into the center isle together. They are clapping. Mark and I are stunned and sheepish. Everyone sits down and their speaker comes forward and wishes we share this message from Uranus:

Greetings to all on Earth. We are very pleased to have these Ambassadors here today. It is a sign of the times.
We have known for millions of years when the Earth Ambassadors came to see us, it would be time to visit Earth again. We will be there for mass decloakings with our Brothers and Sisters in the Intergalactic Federation of Worlds. We are one of the Original Progenitors of Earth. We are the Master Builders. We last left Earth millions of years ago. Now we are ready to return. We brought our sound and light technology and built pyramids all around the Earth. These link in with the portals, stargates, vortexes, and what you call wormholes as well as link with the portal systems in this Universe and beyond.

We also used giant crystals and magnets to energize areas of the Earth. It was during our time when the Mayan Civilzation and the Egyptian Civilization traveled to each other by teleportation. There were no limitations on visiting the sacred places on Earth. The Ancient Civilizations were in contact with each other, on surface Earth and inner Earth. This Perfection is ready to return to Earth. We have been following your progress. We will be the Ones now to come back and restore the original structures we built on Earth. You will have circular cities. You will have free energy. You will have rejuvenation centers. You will be free to visit the sea or the mountains, both in the same day. The limitations will no longer exist in your world.

Be ready to greet us when we come, we are your Brothers and Sisters, we are your Galactic Family. We are very excited about your progress and very happy to return to beautiful Earth, a place we love.
We will mentor the new Councils on Earth to begin projects immediately after mass landings. We will explain all the choices available and demonstrate the technology to get it done. Ultimately it will be your choice, as a group, to decide together the best solutions. We will be there as your Counselors and Mentors.

Blessings Earth Family from the Uranian Elders.


Mark and Beth visit Saturn
Solar Tribunal, Tour Temple, Ra Staff

Sunstar 4
Lady Master Nada, KOS, Lord Kuthumi, Ashtar, Mother Sekhmet, Alcyone, Metatron, Neptha El Ra,
AA Michael and Faith,
Rama, St Germain

What is going on on Saturn? Rings are changing. Can you tell us anything about Saturn’s Shift?
The changes on Saturn being observed by imaging vessels launched on Earth, are different from what is happening on Higher Dimensional Saturn where the Solar Tribunal is. Saturn continues to Ascend, as do all the Planets, in the Milky Way Galaxy, holographically. As Earth ascends, and massive changes come into play, be assured, large changes are happening all over the Galaxy. What effects The One effects the All. Saturn, right now, is expanding. The rings around Saturn are consciousness in form. They represent walking through the Gateway of Creation. Saturn is the Gateway of Creation. Each Planet has its role in the Galaxy, and Saturn is the Birth Place of Life. Those who come here, do so to experience creativity and love. Saturn will now invite those from Earth to come out of body to investigate and co-create from our Gateway here, back to life on Earth. This is done by invoking the Co-Creative Force to flow through its origin on Saturn, to your heart and out into your World. Any may come here now to participate this way. The Rings on Saturn are changing and that is an indication that Saturn is expanding, growing, and may now accommodate all the new Souls awakening on Earth to Create More. Saturn’s Soul Service is facilitating Creation

from Source.~Kuthumi

Anomaly Bubble: Quite a few different time coded bubbles to be synced with our Ascension. Good and not quite ready-positive Soul record-just kinda sleepy. Seemingly late starters-will suddenly wake up almost completely. The setting will be vastly more supportive. Everyone gets half a step shot-lifetimes of work will be accomplished in a heart beat. Please tell us more about this? Everything in All That Is has intelligence. Every thought and feeling anywhere effects everything else. Fear begets fear. Love begets love. Saturn is a focal point for thoughts to come into form. The mind heart connection is born here. It would resemble, to those on Earth, a large computer. It would seem like something from the Matrix movie, something mechanical and cold. It is not like that, but describing it other ways at this time have limitations. The Silent Watcher is a Council of Lords, each with their own Higher Presence. They extract their conclusions from data drawn from an enormous system of sentient computers. This is tracked by all of the Intergalactic Ships. Saturn is, in a metaphorical sense, a hard copy of All That Is. Everything that has been created, in All That Is, is recorded here. The libraries here hold the stuffed zip drives. Saturn is a Capital City in the sense of the place where the documents are kept that the Laws are written. It is here where the high councils join to deliberate.
Saturn holds the Solar Tribunal. The balance of law and order in the Universe is decided and enforced from Saturn.
The anomaly bubble helps in making sure that all who want a chance to continue on this timeline, who are good and slightly sleepy, are allowed the chance, as is their birthright, under Divine Law. There is a cutoff point where everything which is incongruous mercifully returns to Light to again become a part of Creation. Saturn is the birthplace of Creation. It is the ordering of Creation which requires the review and enforcement of Universal Laws. It is born from the deepest love and compassion that we monitor and weigh these things here.~KOS

Lady Master Nada:
Has all the adjudication already been heard on Saturn-no more probation. The timelines are getting collapsed and erased.
In the sequential flow, when is zero point? Now or 2012? An often avoided subject…
The cases on Earth of the dark hats, being reviewed, case by case, from Saturn IS now complete. We must not move forward on Earth with arrests and announcements until the precise right moment. If we did, there would be irreversible unintended consequences. When the arrests and announcements take place, everybody may be assured, it has proceeded as it should, the Planet has returned Back to Love. For far too long, the misrepresentations have kept women and men of Earth asleep. Waking up is a delicate process and it is being handled with great care. There can be no missteps now. We are in the final seconds of time, before the Truth is revealed. Bless You, as you send more love and beam the light. Zero Point, when all things come together, merging into complete Oneness, electromagnetic and ionic balance is now. There is no need to wait, no reason to believe it is in the future. Every day you will notice more and more evidence of this. You will see decloakings of Ships, you will see your Galactic Family in their true form. You will see instant healings. You will see people around the world all believing in the Race of One. You will feel and know we are at the Zero Point Now. ~Lady Master Nada

Saturn is a place of Creativity and Great Love. I take you to the Temple now, where Ra’s Staff with the crystal is housed.
The Temple of Ra on Saturn has a vast walkway leading up to the Temple, with massive gigantic columns and reminds me of the Karnak Temple Complex near Luxor, Egypt. The Guardians at the Temple of Ra are fierce looking sabertooth tigers. They block the path as we approach the Temple

opening. KOS ceremoniously requests our Part be allowed to enter the Temple, with Ra’s permission, and we are allowed to pass. Once inside we see the monks and priests who work here, guarding Ra’s Staff. This Staff, which is gold and has an ankh at the top. I see the All Seeing Eye of Ra. One may move forward here, and there are rings of light, it is an opening to a Vortex, One may step into it and Co-Create with All That Is. It is through the merkaba body, with 13 chakras, and the crystalline electromagnetic ionic physical etheric body,one enters here. All construction and destruction is housed here and may be experienced. One must not enter until prepared to do so. It is not a guarantee of a good experience. It requires a pure heart. When I focus on the crystal I can see it is a Gateway of Creation. ~KOS

The rod of Ra, what is its purpose now?
It is like an extension of his power, it is a focusing lens.
Those who come to this Temple, and are prepared, may enter here and Co-Create a new world. The only limitation is your imagination. Be careful what you ask for, this is a very powerful creation point. Only the prepared, entering with mind heart connection, fully in Love, pure of heart, will enter the Temple.

Please, Mark and Beth, the Sun Star 4, enter the Creation Portal with me now.~Ra

The Eagle Command:
We of the Eagle Command represent Saturn on Earth. We soar above and keep an Eagles Eye on the horizon. We symbolize the One Race and the United States takes this as their symbol, as do many other nations on Earth. We work with you in creating a New World of Peace. You will meet us now, in our true form, as the Galactic Family returns to join their Family on Earth and our continuous presence is acknowledged. We act as one of the Galactic Protective Forces on Earth with our origins on Saturn.

It looks like the Earth is covered in flowers, all part of the One, a Large Flower. It stalk is leaning toward the Spiritual Sun, toward the Light. All the Watchers are watching the new buds open. All of these flowers are the Children of Ra. All of these are echos of the Mother and Father of God. We are all seeing it together and it is time. There has never been a more delicate work then is now – too much and it doesn’t emerge, too little and it doesn’t grow. As the Seed breaks through the soil, so it can find its place in the sun, it is watered only with a fine mist. The effects of even a fine mist are so strong. With everything you do, you hold your breath, because it is effecting every flower. Each much be given a chance to take hold and grow up toward the Sun. Each one reaches, and they are all reaching toward each other, whether they know it or not. When we get done there will only be one flower and it will be exquisite.

I looked around to see who is here: Lord of Sirius, Lord Arcturus, and Dr. Lorphan. They bring the suspended Earth, which we left at Saturn, to receive love, constantly, pouring and projected from our heart, infused with Lord Michael’s loving energy. They bring this same Earth, which is receiving this in suspended animation, as a constant beam, into our gathering. They place it there and we stand around it and hold hands. The three of them take Lord Michael’s love energy into their hearts, combine it with theirs, as we had, and then send healing energy to everyone who needs it one earth, every person, every flower, tree, animal, down to every cell and atom on the Earth.

Now this Earth spins receiving Michael’s love energy, healing energy, and Source love, to help prepare for the changes coming now.


Alcyone and Mother Sekhmet invite Mark and Beth and their Twin Flames to see more about Jupiter.

Jupiter is a 9D Sun, it was a Planet which ascended into Being a Sun, no longer a Planet.
Many Galactic Visitors travel to Jupiter to explore the Hall of Records kept in our Library here. The histories of this Universe are housed here.

If you look at our building structures, you will see futuristic space designs floating in an area where they congregate together. They are not built on the ground, they float in space. There are tall structures and round structures all grouped together, like a city is on Earth. You will notice large Mother Ships coming and going from Jupiter, a very bust place. Jupiter is also where the great Council holds Tribunal meetings to decide matters of Universal Law. The communications here are on large screens which appear when their is an audience to see and fold away when no one is watching. Motherships come from Foreign Stars and Planets to see the Tribunal decisions which effect everything in the Universe. There is a very very large tetrahedron of clear crystal at the core of the Jupiter Sun. It collects the energy from the Central Sun, energizes it, and sends it out in a concentrated form, via Cosmic Rays. These Cosmic Rays carry the elements from the tetrahedron clear crystal from Jupiter. This is a generator and transmitter of energy which sends great waves of Energy to Earth which effect all life. These concentrated surges or waves of energy are Source Love. Very large waves are felt by sensitive people on Earth. In the presence of this concentrated Source Love, darkness becomes light. These surges of energy facilitate changes thought before impossible. In the presence of this great amount of Source Love, new potential possibilities come into manifestation in the physical. Everything on Earth is effected by this energy; the weather patterns shift, animals, plants, even every atom in every cell.

A great diversity of visitors come to Jupiter to participate in the Council meetings here. Great waves of New Children will begin to incarnate from Jupiter now. This has not happened in a very long time. These Souls have waited for this period in Earth Ascension. These New Children bring with them the knowledge of the Law of One to Earth. The Law of One will be the Planetary Law and will be The governing Force on the Planet.

Assalem Allykum. The Time for Peace is Now. ~Alcyone

The matter/antimatter physical/etheric of Jupiter is an accelerated energy coming through to Earth in very large dose wave at this time. The electromagnetic ionic pulsing makes one feel uneasy because One is shifting from ph
ysical to etheric and back again, as a result of the massive energies being created by the tetrahedron crystalline core made of diamond tetrahedrons with silicone pillars betwee, This effects the atomic make up of the Cosmic Rays emanating from Jupiter to Earth. Very few can withstand the energy because the uneasiness switching from one to another. The lightness of the atomic particles coming from this ocillating wave energy takes One out of the physical and back in and out and in making for a very unstable feeling. It requires the body to increase the light quotient just beyond its capability. Just before a critical mass is reached on the etheric, One comes back in the physical, out and in and out and in. As the body becomes crystalline it holds more and more light. Tonight your

physicla shells were pushed past their limits for a sustained period. You handled it well. ~Metatron

by Elizabeth Trutwin© All Rights Reserved. http://www.garuda.co

7 Responses to Going Home

  1. guy says:

    do you take reservation for the trips,its all interresting

    • beth says:

      This is what the Cosmos has to offer us. Our multidimensional world is something we all should endeavor to enjoy more often. much love, beth

  2. debbie says:


    • beth says:

      Hi Debbie.
      If you read the writings of Rumi,the Father of Sufism you will see he has some quotes from the Koran. In reading what he has to say about the Koran he points out to us that in there it states that Adam and Abraham are the builders of the StarGates at the Dome of the Rock and Kabba, Mecca. The Jewish Fathers were living in a UFO society. They were traveling through the StarGates. In order to grasp the infinite Cosmos we must open our hearts to the truth within the multidimensional Cosmos we live in. Yahweh and Jehovah were renegade dark negative extraterrestrials. The humans they controlled in Atlantis had fallen into darkness as well. These were considered gods due to their abilities with alchemy and technologies we do not understand which were advanced. There were also great Prophets within the Hebrew Tribes. Moses brought the Pentateuch down from Mt. Hermon now within the Israel Borders of the Golan Heights since 1969, another StarGate. The Pentateuch was THE LAW and Moses saved the Jewish people by bringing the laws back so they could rid their society of these false gods who controlled and mistreated the Jewish people. This is why they ran away. Moses failed in the end and Joshua took over the Mission. When Moses went to the top of the mountain to look for the Promised Land he had actually beamed up on the New Jerusalem, the Flagship of the Galactic Federation. He was on Mt Pisgah which is in North Carolina and sacred land for the Moors. Galactics have played a role on Earth since its beginning. Earth is a place of duality. Jehovah and Yahweh were warring dark fallen Angels. Simple. Since then man has come behind to control the masses with laws which were manmade and not the ones handed to us from the Ships. We know this because the Ark is empty. Its contents were taken back to the Ships for safe keeping until the criminal renegades leave this Planet for good and all these truths will be revealed. Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Arc tells a version of this story. The same people who made that movie also made Star Wars and ET the Extraterrestrial movies. No mistakes. We really need to amp up our discernment and see the whole picture. I mean no disrespect to any religion, to any group or any person. I simply see the story from the perspective off the Ships. Shalom.

  3. Finally humanity can be infused by higher truth and learning from Universal Mind with all the different expressions of sentience (bodies, frequencies and intelligences). The right perspective takes us beyond the 5 races and 5 religions upon Earth. These are the 10 fundamentals we process in order to pass our examinations here on school Earth. The introductions into different worlds in our dreams are expanding. Finally we can take steps as Baby Gods. Many happy journeys!

  4. Cruz Hernandez says:

    Find all answers at EL SER UNO

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