Full Galactic Disclosure

The Good GuysPresident Obama is the only one on Earth who is authorized to Announce Disclosure to the world. This is why we have not seen any other government officials in any other Country, who also have elaborate dealings with ET come forward. President Obama will do it when the Cosmos is ready and I believe that will be sooner than later. One concern of the Cosmos is the level of awareness of ET on Earth. We had to wait until a large number of Earth Citizens were fed up with war. You well know that Ashtar has said NO NUKES! Wars are ALL ending now. 911 was not staged to take us to two more wars. If we look at it from a higher perspective we can see it was created so we would become so sickened with war as a collective consciousness of Earth citizens that we would all say ENOUGH simultaneously.

There are many whistleblowers and ones like Political Activist Stephen Bassett and Astronaut Edgar Mitchell who are conducting public and private efforts to ‘force’ Obama to Disclose our governements’ know dealings with Extraterrestrials.

President Obama gave an important speech June 4, 2009 in Cairo, Egypt to the whole Muslim world. See Full Text. He has had to play two roles since his Presidency began. President Obama was making it clear to Israel to back off any aggressive moves in the Mideast.  It is important to understand that Israel is the 51st State of the Corporation united States. The Mossad head is Rahm Emmanuel and he works closely against the President’s wishes with Secret Government headed by Hillary Clinton and her stooges at the State Department. Israel replied that if we cut off their funds they would attack Iran. Obama replied that, in that case Israel would be attacked. This is all staged for public consumption, as poker players betting and bluffing during a high stakes card game. Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas have been hoping they would win, but resistance is futile. The June 1, 2009 incident where the Air France airbus with 228 passengers aboard that ‘flew into a portal’ and were taken aboard a Starship and are all safe and will be returned at the appropriate time…for maximum benefit in this Disclosure Project. It was an escalation of the Disclosure Process.

It has been rumored all along if Obama doesn’t do more soon others will. France, China and Russia have all signaled that they are interested in revealing something more publicly. That is just not going to happen. It is a work in progress, a media bomb with the fuse already lit and burning.

Obama is having a Remotely Viewing Interaction with several astronauts while he is at Camp David. He is ongoing in touch with Extraterrestrials and astronauts at the International Space Station and has the technology to interact with them. He wants Disclosure more than anybody and he will make it happen when the timing is right. On one such occasion they were discussing the NASA trip to install ‘new eyes’ in the Hubble Telescope.Apparently, the telescope’s ‘new eyes’ may have gotten a little tweaking by our Star Families and perhaps the Astronauts as well…in a good way.

In 2009 Steve Bassett of Paradigm Research Group and Astronaut Edgar Mitchell set a May 30th deadline for Disclosure with great media attention. The ‘exact’ transcripts of Obama’s long speech in Prague is not available. They did play the first one on CNN at the time of airing. Obama gave a long speech in Prague on nuclear stockpile reductions by all holders of these and detailed the importance of this and non-proliferation of those weapons to all the nations on the planet. No more nukes is a prerequisite to ET landings on Earth now. We will have World Peace or they will not come. It has been a challenge to raise collective consciousness on this issue. It has taken longer than we have hoped. he Tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan along with the annihilation of Misrata combined to raise conscious awareness to a point where we are all mad as hell and we are not going to live in a world of war anymore.

Near the end of his comments in Prague, President Obama threw in a couple of subtle sentences in which he posed a question to his audience to consider that there ‘might be others out there who would like to assist us’ and then suggested that they would probably be reluctant to directly contact us to offer their help because we treat all beyond our planet as hostile by pointing all our weapons at them. So maybe we should reconsider our policies about strangers and be more open to consider how all might benefit from possible exchanges of perspectives. President Obama has publicly acknowledged Extraterrestrial presence in many of his speeches. One need only listen with ears which hear. CNN had ‘snipped’ those comments from the speech archives. The media plays a huge roll in keeping us in the dark as has been witness by the Murdochs.

Leon Panetta [ex-CIA Director, now Secretary of Defense] and Dr Stephen Bassett [highly-respected UFO/IFO expert and very visitor-friendly exponent] are the Galactic Federation point-men to release cover-up information in a manner that can be accepted … at the request of Obama, and with the ‘advice, consent and protection’ of KOS and above. With this backing and protection they have been proceeding behind the scenes to cull what can be shared as quickly as possible.

President Obama has worked hard the last two years to help release previously sealed information about governement’s involvement with ET, sooner rather than later…as this ties in with NESARA’s Announcement and ‘overhead support’ revelations. The signing of the Disclosure Petition and the NESARA Petition raise global awareness and make it possible for us all to thrive instead of just survive. Thes steps have been crucial in the process. Leon Panetta and Stephen Bassett are coordinating their actions for the declassification of secret technologies [antigravity,] and classified agreements with ETs.

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  1. Eric J says:


    Can you please help …

    My Journey has taken me to many web sites and different view points on Obama.

    Do you have further information with regard to Obama letting the masses know about ET and Nesara … I have sppoken to Patrick Bellringer on Fourwinds and various other folk and they have stated that he is one of the bad guys…it gets very confusing to say the least…the truth would be good…

    Kind regards and blessings

    Eric J

    • beth says:

      What I can say about Bellringer is some folks are paid to spread disinformation. Many are.
      I spent two years posting everyday articles about President Obama and his role as a double agent.
      I did that and explained each speech, meeting and vote along the way. That site is down now, it had run its course.
      It is time to look at the whole picture now and have a very mature view of what they are not saying.
      He is preparing to leave to Hawaii for 17 days. When he is in Hawaii it is much easier for him to be away from the media and he will be having several
      meetings at undisclosed locations with ET while gone. He is coordinating directly with the Extraterrestrials to prepare Earth for Disclosure and with it NESARA.
      It is almost impossible to discern this if you listen to mainstream media. Murdoch Fox and the Cabal do their best to have 24/7 brainwashing running keeping you a slave.
      There are a handful of news media trained by the KOS and they tell the truth: Keith Olbermann, Lawrence O’Donnell, Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz, Dylan Ratigan, Nicholas Kristoff, Eugene Robinson, Thom Hartmann, Randy Rhodes, Stephanie Miller (there are others).
      much love, beth

    • Joanne Griffing says:

      President Obama is of LIGHT.

      FEEL it in your heart. What “BAD” thing has Obama done?

      War-nope he is ending that nonsense

      Peace? sure seems to me he says World Peace in every speech, so think positive, and know in your heart that President Obama is here to “move forward” to the new Nova Earth.

      Always go with your heart……in Love and light


  2. James Davis says:

    I for one, will believe that Obama is not the antichrist when he
    actually announces that nesara is in effect and all the criminals are gone.

  3. John says:

    Ok, I Read the hopeful channeled messages from so called Ashtar commander, Sananda, Lady Nada, St. Germain, etc,but is hard to tell if they are friends or foes with a different agenda behind it all in the end. It could be an Alien(s) intercepting and issuing these telepathic messages to the channelers. The bible even mentioned to be careful of “wolves in sheep skin” and false prophets offering any form of wealth and salvation, and of an Antichrist who will fool almost the whole world, taking advantage of the present chaos and desperation of people in the mist of the impending global economic collapsed. NESARA sounds too easy of a solution for such a gigantic global mess we are in. So, How do we tell who is friend or foes from these so call Ascended Masters messages ?


  4. mike says:

    You don’t know. The majority of stuff Obama has done has destroyed the quality of life for most humans.

    I’ll believe it when I see it. I full believe in the Galactic Federation and them wanting to help turn our world into peace and prosperity.

    However, there is ZERO reason whatsoever that Obama has to destroy human life.

    Also, Obama can place a kill order, torture order, and arrest order on any human being on the planet. Is that something a galactic being full of “love and light” would do for his fellow humans?

    I’m sorry, but if the Galactic Fed does exist, I don’t believe they operate in this way. They wouldn’t destroy human life simply to deceive people into thinking Obama is a bad guy, only so they can completely flip flop when NESARA is announced so all of a sudden he is the “good guy” double agent.

    Why can’t he simply DO NOTHING, instead of destroy human quality of life, while are we waiting for this NESARA announcement?

    Seriously. Answer that one. 100% inhumane and I can’t believe that anyone of ascended mastery would do this to the people of the Earth.

    • beth says:

      Mike, Are You Serious? What Life Has Been Destroyed? I think you are mistaking him for Secret Black Ops and trying to pin it on him. Take a minute to look at the details of the State Department, CIA, BlackWater, NSA, there are confidential Federal Departments we don’t even know about-yet and still you pin it on one man and say its him doing all of it? C’mon! That lacks intelligence. Take A Closer Look. much love, beth

  5. Joseph M. Ayala says:

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas, It’s good to see your light. Thank you for all you’ve done. All the best to you my dear friend.
    See you on the ships. : )

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