Col. Jesse Marcel, Jr., MD, USAF

Col. Jesse Marcel, Jr., MD, USAF retired
Jesse Marcel, Jr. is the son of the first military officer on
the scene of the Roswell UFO crash of 1947 and is the
most recognized first-hard witness to the events of that
time. His father, Jesse Marcel Sr., reported bringing
home parts of the wreckage the he and Jesse, Jr.
examined. This wreckage included a piece of metal
that when balled up or it’s shape was changed it would
expand back to it’s original form as well as several structural pieces known as” I- beams” which had hieroglyphic symbols. He has steadfastly repeated his recollection of that time
in numerous interviews and wrote about his
experiences then and since in the book, The Roswell
Legacy. He is one of 200 witnesses to the events of July 1947, but his story has received international
attention in no small part because Dr. Marcel, Jr. has led an exemplary life and his integrity is without
Education: His pre-med undergraduate work was accomplished at Louisiana State University, Baton
Rouge, Louisiana followed by LSU School of Medicine at New Orleans, Louisiana graduating in July of
1961 with a degree in medicine. His internship was done at the Charity Hospital, New Orleans,
Dr. Marcel joined the US Navy in 1962 and was assigned to the USS Renville (APA 227) and shortly
there after participated in the Cuban Missile Crisis attached to combat units as member of ship’s
company. The Renville then sailed for West Pac and then to the South East Pacific Area where it
participated in combat training in case of enemy attack on the ship. After the West Pac tour, he
completed specialty training in Otolaryngology at the Naval Hospital, San Diego, California. He retired
from the Navy in July of 1971 and entered private practice in Helena, Montana. He then joined the
Montana Army National Guard in 1973, went through helicopter flight training as a flight surgeon at Ft.
Rucker, Alabama earning his wings in 1981. During his career in the National Guard, he was appointed
State Surgeon of the State of Montana and retired from the military the second time in August of 1996 on
his 60th birthday. Dr. Marcel was called back to active duty in Iraq in October of 2004 shortly after his
68th birthday and consequently served as a flight surgeon for the 189th Attack Helicopter Battalion flying
225 hrs of combat while in country being discharged again from active duty in December of 2005 to the
Ready Reserve.
He currently employed as a specialist in Otolaryngology at the Veterans Administration Hospital, Ft.
Harrison, Montana
Published Book
The Roswell Legacy (2007)

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