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Resurrection Energies Flood the Planet 4 April 2010

Sananda Kumara:


It is Holy Week for the Christian Religion.

For the One Crying in the Wilderness, make his path Straight.

All of us at One time or another feel alone in our quest to Grace.

In this last few moments when we prepare for decloakings, again look at the areas

of life which hold challenges.

In the story of Jeshua, he had his challenge in the Garden.

There he met with his unseen friends and the Angels.

He spoke to the Councils about his dismay with the People

who did not receive the message about their own Divine light.

He knew that their misunderstanding meant he would be leaving.

Since then there have been countless White Knights and Ascended Masters

who have left their Missions too early. This was due only to the fact that the light they

showed on imbalances on the Planet became too bright for the Ones who wished to remain in control. This has happened again and again and again in eon after eon.

As you walk the path of Holy Week look inside and see what it is you still judge?

What is it you grieve over? What do you have in your pain body which has you afraid?

Connect to nature to release the final vestiges of challenges still held inside your body.

Concentrate on eating food which is filled with sunlight. Eat lighter food, eat less food.

Go outside to connect with sunshine, wind, Mother Earth. Join with the Tree Spirits and the Animal Spirits and the Elemental Spirits. Allow Ewah, Divine Mother, to embrace you

and love you, again.

It has been said, Make love your aim and earnestly desire your gifts.

There is a path each Soul makes. Each One is at a different place on their Path.

We are at a place on this Planet where all magical manifestation is possible.

As you allow your imagination to unwind from the Programs in the Matrix, you liberate yourself and grow as a multidimensional Being.

Connect with magic, Believe!

Earnestly desire your gifts. Take time to discipline your thoughts on Love, Truth and Peace. As you do this, call to your Guides. Take the time each day for reflection and nurturing yourself. Continue with practices which cultivate Calm and Peace in your body. Read the Holy Books based in ancient Universal Truths which all Ascended Masters have taken the time to read. In doing this, your gifts will return, one by one. Focus all the attention you can to this. Keep balance in your life with work, play and rest. Gather with friends and family, make time for fellowship of like minds.

Make love your aim.

As we look onto this Now Moment we often have the challenge to love. It is not always easy to love in light of darkness. We love the darkness as it brings in light. Mother Sekhmet is returned, she works with St Germain and Anubis. We love these Ones who agreed long long ago to play the roles of darkness. We love them as our brothers and sisters. We apply Ho’oponopono to every situation. This means, to them we say. I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you. This means we recognize we are all One.

As the Resurrection energies flood this Planet over the next few days allow Love to pour into your body and share it with all the Kingdoms in this time of our Ascension.

~Sananda Kumara

Beth and Mark

Merge with Your AVATAR

Hi Everybody.

All of us have our own AVATAR body.

Some have an Angelic AVATAR which looks like a bright sun.
We are all Sons (and Daughters) and Suns (in our Light Body), we are all Children of Ra.
Your AVATAR body is the Ascended part of you. There are many different aspects of your ascended body.
You are Human and Divine. You are an Angelic/Galactic and Human.
You may see an AVATAR which is angelic, lion people, bird people, reptilian people, Big Foot people. You may have blue skin, green skin, or be any of 100s of species from Star Systems ouside our Galaxy.

Your AVATAR is the part of yourself which is dedicated to selfless spiritual service and brings Divine Messages to you and those around you. It is your Higher Self, and another aspect of you. It is time to remember your True Form and remember the Master You Are.

We begin this meditation by centering our focus. Take some deep breaths into your heart center. This relaxes our mind and lights the our heart merkiva for travel. Please repeat this meditation as often as you would like. Use this to come in contact with your personal AVATAR. This is the essential beginning of being a Cosmic Master and remembering your siddhis. Siddhis are your multidimensional abilities and we will remember these together. You perform these while in your AVATAR body.

Please take some deep breaths, close your eyes and imagine you are standing on the Giza Plateau. We are standing at the base of the Sphinx and in the distance we see the Great Pyramid. Look into the sky and stare at the Sun. It does not hurt to look into the Sun, it feels good as it lights your Third Eye, between your brows. You see a bright white and pale yellow sun. Suddenly it morphs and you see the Sun behind the Sun. The sunlight turns magenta and gold and you are seeing a beautiful warm pink sunlight. This is Helios and Vesta welcoming you to this sacred place.

Now walk between the paws of the Sphinx. Walk right up to the Breastplate over the heart of the Sphinx. You will see a rose quartz breastplate. Turn around and let your spine press up against the rose quartz over the heart of the Sphinx. Let your hands feel the cool quartz crystal behind you. Now you feel the kundalini energy in your spine ignited and raising up to your head. There is a light explosion as you go out through the 13th Gateway of your Third Eye and Crown. You zoom up up out past Earth’s Atmosphere to the bright bright stars in space in the night sky. You are floating there, smiling, feeling good, looking at the Stars. We are all out here, safely floating together.

Before us we now see our AVATAR. You may see it or hear it, some will feel it. Sense your AVATAR here, in this very relaxing place. You are now seeing your True Self. You are happy, it feels good to remember. You are laughing at the memory. You always thought this, but now you know it is true. Now your AVATAR and you come together and you merge together. As you do this, you are becoming One with your Highest Self. You now have all of your multidimensional talents and traits inside your human body. You are ready to rediscover these siddhis. You are ready to fly home.

Now as you are merged with your AVATAR you float float gently back down into your body back at the Sphinx. You remember everything you saw in great detail. You may write it down, browse it, read about it and come into deeper and deeper understanding of your species and your True Galactic Heritage. With deep gratitude, we Thank our Guides and our AVATAR for this tremendous gift of remembrance.


Mark and Beth

12:12 Meditation from Admiral Sananda Kumara

12:12 Meditation from Admiral Sananda Kumara

Please use this meditation as often as you like.
Begin by taking some clearing breaths.
Feel yourself begin to relax.

We call together All the Beings of Light as we embark on this journey.

Please close your eyes and feel the third eye, between your brows, open up.
Imagine a multi-petalled lotus blossom opening up and up and up.
Go deeper into the center of the flower and as each petal blossoms see light flowing out of
the petals.

Now feel your crown chakra opening at the top of your head.
Feel the crown dilating and the crown opens wide.
It is as a launch pad to the dimension of formless form.
When you see inside the open crown there is a SpaceCraft waiting for you and beyond that is
the blinding light of the antimatter Universe.
We are leaving our Earth bodies behind, just for a very short time and we are safely flying together
in this craft past the 13th Gateway from Matter to Antimatter.

As we enter this space we see light and more light.
We zoom up up up through the dimensions and we come to a Pyramid Temple.
The sunlight here is very bright and feels warm and pleasant.
We now walk inside the Pyramid.
When we go inside we see we are standing on a crystal which is made of light.
There are rainbow light colors reflecting off this crystal in the floor and projecting rainbow colored rays on the walls of the pyramid inside. We are all standing there and smiling, enjoying the beautiful light and some notice the gentle angel song.
Now look up into the apex of the Pyramid Temple and you see there is another crystal which is the capstone of the pyramid.
This crystal which is made of light has many facets and there is sunlight pouring through the capstone onto the floor.
There is brilliant bright sunlight flooding this place and connecting with the rainbow light which is in the floor.
We all bask in this light together.
This Pyramid Temple is a portal of Creation.
We come here together to amplify the 12:12 StarGate Love Portal of light and love sent to Earth now.
We begin by Welcoming Mother Sekhmet to join with us here.
She has requested we join here now, so any who desire this, may have a Healing Session with her.
All you must do is ask and allow. She will facilitate this healing for you.
Feel Mother Sekhmet reach down into your core. She can do this for everyone at once.
See her paw reaching deep deep down inside of you and taking hold of your core fear.
As she holds it, she finds the very origin of it and cuts it out and removes it.
She lovingly releases your core fear to the void beyond the void and it returns to Source.
Your Core Fear is now gone. It is dissolved and you are free to become a new you.
When we leave this place, you are free and you need not carry that with you anymore.
Thank you Mother Sekhmet, We Love You.
She wrinkles her nose, smiling and Blessing us each One.

As we breath in and relax deeper now, we join our thoughts together.
There is love flowing from one heart to the next and on out back to Earth.
We breath in love into the three fold flame of our heart.
With this we feel a new reverence for all life in the trifold flame of our solar heart.
With deep gratitude we join with St Germain, Sanat Kumara, Ashtar, and their Twin Flames, and all the Kumaras,
as we experience the violet flame going out over all of Earth.
We now experience the Oneness with All That Is and we become Love and we attract to ourselves and into our Lives and
the life of every living Being Love, Wisdom, Bliss, Abundance, Enlightenment, Eternal Peace, Harmony, Balance, and Joy.
We carry these attributes and with them we find our Own Path on the Master Plan.
With these attributes we Co-Create a Consensus Reality of Terra Nova.
Mother Sekhmet is here with us now. From her is flowing the Divine Love from Mother God.
It is flowing freely to each one of us.
As we reach up and stretch to greater service we grasp higher the majestic force of Love flowing from her and into our lives.
We embrace this sacred knowledge and we ask she teach us how to share this love in service to each other.
It is with this Love we Co-Create a New World together. We Create, here in this sacred place, with all our Brothers and Sisters of Light, and in all the hearts of humanity, Peace, Awakening, Empowerment, Unity, and More Love.

We join together to return to Earth. We are healed, restored, balanced and ready to move forward in Love.
When we return from the place we left we return to see All of Earth is flooded with Light and Flooded With Love.
She is new and we now remember our true identity and we love being on Terra Nova together.
With our solar heart flames blazing we go forward with Divine Gratitude for what we have accomplished together.

Sananda Full Moon Op 10/4/09

This afternoon Mark & Beth discussed the flurry of events underway, and Mark asked Beth to Join him in meditation and for her to ‘Jump’ from the wet, cold and overcast situation where she lives to a hilltop in the Santa Fe, NM area where he would be meditating.
That is unusual as we usually go OOB to Starships or other locations.

We decided that we will invite some friends and family including the following:

Our Twin Flames–both pairs we call the SunStar4– All our friends and their Twin Flames. We Thank All for Joining us.
Beth arrives; greets Mark who is sitting facing the soon to set Sun, smiling as he is already in contact with his Twin Flame, who along with the star family, has arrived.

Sananda joins us on the Mountain;
Admiral Sananda speaks:

Sweeping changes are coming into every area of your World.

With today being the first workday for new Supreme Court Justice, Justice Sotomayor, it is a new day for justice everywhere. We have the votes we need to move forward with arrests.
Everything, as Ashtar often says, is following a sequential flow. As the court term progresses we will see the ‘elder judge’ retire and the female judge[Ginsberg] move on.
There will be a new face to the American Judicial Branch of government. You will see a repeal of much of the old dogma that was passed under the dark hats.
New legislation will pass that will astonish the entire World. Other Countries will follow suit. You will begin to see large and small nations working together, passing laws which benefit One and All. You are on the New Orginal Lemurian Timeline. These changes will feel as if new miracles are happening everyday. It will fill the World with joy.
These new laws will change how convicted criminals are brought to justice. They will affect food, water, and medical supplies, for those who need them. They will affect the banks and the politics around the World. No one Person or one Group will be allowed to have control. The laws regarding fair and honest treatment in business, law, medicine, housing, transportation, pollution, natural resources, retail, travel, moving between countries, to name just a few, will drastically change in every major court around the World.
( As we meditate I am reminded of John Lennon’s song ‘Imagine’:
Imagine there’s no Heaven, It’s easy if you try, No hell below us; Above us only sky, Imagine all the people, Living for today, Imagine there’s no countries, It isn’t hard to do, Nothing to kill or die for, And no religion too, Imagine all the people Living life in peace,
You may say that I’m a dreamer, But I’m not the only one, I hope someday you’ll join us, And the world will be as one, Imagine no possessions, I wonder if you can, No need for greed or hunger, A brotherhood of man, Imagine all the people, Sharing all the world, You may say that I’m a dreamer, But I’m not the only one, I hope someday you’ll join us, And the world will live as one.
- Sananda (says, Yes, That and More).

Imagine if you could travel to a depleted area and volunteer to build schools and medical buildings. Imagine if you could travel to meet people who specialize in free energy to bring it back to your local area to share with your immediate community. Imagine if you could meet in town halls to see new information sharing between expert doctors on how to really heal the body. Imagine you have access to the best possible, healthiest food available. Imagine you may travel to meet with family you have not seen in a very long time, no border patrol will stop you. Imagine you can go down to your local municipality to donate time to Youth visiting from war torn lands for replenishment, as their communities are built up.
All of these will be available sooner than you can imagine.

Today marks the beginning of the end. No dates. No nukes. No flukes.

Each one of you plays a role in the changes. There are many things each one of you may continue to do to assist in your World changing quickly.
Be wise in the choices you make in spending your time. Do not waste time in fruitless pursuits. Work at jobs that bring fulfillment to your heart.
It is ok to look now at changing potential possibilities in your work. Every minute you are tied to a job where your talent, is wasted, and is another moment spent anchored in the old timeline.
End relationships that do not bring you joy. Avoid nostalgia.
You know if you are in joy. Look for new friends on the worldwide web. Your ability to travel to them will increase shortly. Heal the relationships that need healing. Even if this is only done on the etheric level, through prayer, KNOW that an honest intention WILL heal any rift. Open your hearts. Hear with your heart-mind. See with your heart mind. Those that have these eyes and ears will see and will hear.

You will be the Leaders in the Change Point. Keep up the continued good work. You are NEVER alone. You are the Seeds of change. Star Seeds. You are loved beyond your comprehension.
We will walk off the Starships, into your lives, as your family and friends. We will stay and become part of the Change Point with you. We are in a glorious time.


Beth and Mark

Elders Council and Return of the Kumaras

Greetings, One and All. Elders Council Speaking:

We hosted the Kumara commands last night.

You may not realize, there are thousands of us living in Inner Earth. We are overjoyed that we will be returning to the surface to be with our families.

Many do not understand this, they have never been told about us. We have requested anonymity before now.

We have had, most of our time here, contact with Ships and visitors from other stars, but in recent times, not many from the Surface. Many of our people living on the Surface, but they lived lives virtually undetected by your history. We lived in rugged settings, away from others. Now all of us will return to our family on the ascended Earth with all the magical kingdoms and the realms opened for travel.

We at Inner Earth have been the Keepers of the Akasha. Mikos, at the Library of Porthologos, at Inner Earth, holds crystal holographic “movies” of the history of all times. We work with the Hall of Records at Shamballa. The dolphins and whales agreed to incarnate into seaborne bodies to act as the Keepers of the Records. They travel between inner and outer seas through portal openings. They regularly go back and forth. They hold holographic memories and reconnect inner and outer on their migration paths. They have been holding the flame light for humankind on Earth until humankind could, each one, hold it for themselves.
That time is a breath away. It is done.

Our next Mission is to help the new children, and those on Earth, wanting to know more, learn holographically in their dreamtime.
There is no part of history we cannot show you. You may come here out of body, in dreamtime, or as a remote viewing. Come to us, ask questions, ask for training on new topics. We are eager to help all looking for answers. Anything you are not sure about, ask Mikos, he will steer you to the right answer.

Blessings on Your Way,
~The Elders Councils, Inner Earth, Aegean Sea

Beth and Mark

Sanada Kumara and the Kumaras Retrurn

Admiral SANANDA Kumara: 9/22/09 17:30 MT, Reported by Beth/Mark

Sananda Kumara:

Nine Kumara Command Ships, last night, flew in to the Solar Portal in Peru to center of Earth.

This was done as an activation of Inner Earth. Also, it was done as a precursor to other Galactic activity leading up to mass landings. The Kumaras bring with them the coded information which unlocks passages way inside Earth. Having the Kumara Ships enter the Solar Portal, having them enter Inner Earth sends a Clarion Call. It is part of the sequential flow. There is a very specific plan in place by the Intergalactic Federation of Worlds, which must be fulfilled. I with Ashtar, and a legion of others, work everyday, along with our Ground Troops, which just means you all, our brothers and sisters, to keep the plan moving forward, inch by inch, step, by step.

The Kumaras met with a Council of Elders at Inner Earth, perfecting a plan for reunions at the time of mass landings. We have Kumaras working on the Ships directly in government as part of the plan for mass landings. There are over 100 World Leaders at the United Nations in NYC today. As they speak on changes needed to clean up Earth, they listen to Galactic solutions and how they will be enacted. Those countries’ leaders, who do not wish to come On Board, with ending the destruction of Earth through pollution, will be removed. There were many diplomatic meetings not recorded. The environment was a reason to get World Leaders together, and behind the scenes, coordinate the next steps necessary. There was discussion at the UN today about the need to end all war. Continuation of war will not be tolerated. The Sirian Commander[Obama] is calling for a new era of worldwide peace and an end to the destruction of the planet.

There is a sequential flow to the eventual certainty of mass landings. The Kumaras entering the Peruvian Solar Portal, and attending an unprecedented meeting at the Elders Council, along with the meetings of Leaders of the Nations in the World, on the same day, is momentous! It is a great celebration for Earth.

You can believe that St Germain attended closed-door meetings at the UN today. The Master Plan is being carried out. Know that, when the time is ripe, there will be decloakings, arrests, announcements and mass landings.

It Is Done.


Beth and Mark

9/21-9/22 Equinox Celebration-Kumaras Return with Decloakings 9/20/09

Breaking News Update: Mark Huber/BethTrutwin
The following report is of such importance that we delayed it until we could verify details with Sanat Kumara. Beth/Mark met him along with Ashtar and Cdr Soltec–in charge of all earth communications–aboard the New Jerusalem yesterday. We are well aware of how other reports were misunderstood on another occasion. We present this information as the best available, while directly in their presence. Some details are still in the field of potentials and will be reported later. Ashtar will be talking to us all on the 9/22 CC with Susan Leland. He will clarify these matters at that time. Be assured that this is of the highest importance to each and all upon, within or above this planet. This historical event will commence at 9:09PM on 9/21 and will continue until Noon on 9/22, in the Lake Titicaca area of Peru & border of Bolivia.

Here is the latest report from A-Team Members in Peru, headed by Madame X. The prior two reports[9/16 & 9/17] on the Equinox Event, were posted on our Yahoo Group: MarkHuber_GRT_Intel.
When it was considered to take a few people to Qoa Island, the Portal opening is so big, the energy will be so strong, you would combust. The site was changed and you were moved a safe distance away. Later, a
group of you will go there. The Diamond Heart, the Cosmic Heart of the Earth Mother, Gaia. The Diamond heart is opening to the eternal flame, Source Flame, brought by the Kumaras.

Master, Keeper-Guardian, of Qoa-The Eternal Flame of Life needs to be integrated into the physical bodies first or this high energy could sicken or destroy all attuned present. What do we have to do now? Physical relocation to another nearby site at the 13,000′-14,000′ elevation has been chosen and is already known to your group.
Sanat Kumara’s Starship is coming. The fleet represents 9 Different Commands–Directed by Sanat Kumara– who must enter first, then the others can follow.
Sanat Kumara and Twin Flame:Lady Venus- will come down and contact (Madame X’s group) For whole A-Team. On September 21st, the Starships Will
appear over the Peruvian Andes and they will Open a path for all the Kumaras-The Highest Beings need to
come down through the Qoa Portal first. This is a Huge Celebration of Life-All these Ships will be entering the Earth Dimension and decloak.
They represent 12 Rays and 12 entrances or gateways…bringing the Solar Golden Energy of the Holy Kumaras. A-Team Ground units will form a pyramid from Peru, Kauai, Kona-HI, Santa Fe-NM and the Central US. This will activate a completely new timeline of Gaia’s Golden Star.
Our group has decoded the old solar disk and taken the ancient energy which will be replaced with a pure new golden disk which we will encode for the new cycle.
Each of us is a Kumara from Earth. We will have more upgrades and we will be in position to do many things, including Invisibility; walking through walls. All of the higher gifts. America, Sourthern France, South Africa and many Shamanic groups are now working in Peru.
We are coding the new solar disks for humanity’s use on Terra Nova. All need to be engraved on the new solar disk.
We are starting from zeropoint.
Each A-Team member should be in their assigned positions. Documenting the Opening of the Solar Portal will be done by video camera, other cameras and tape recorders. You will have involvements from 9AM to 9:09 PM when the ships arrive. The work will complete at noon on 9/22/09. There will be 9 motherships in Peru. It’s very important to be centered in the heart. There will be a Big Show. It will start and spread with the 12 rays across the planet and there will be motherships decloaking over all major countries. 12 origins will be represented: Venus, Orion, Pleiades, Andromeda, Sirius, Arcturus, etc.


9/19/09 Sanat Kumara Explains Ascension and the Decloakings during the Equinox, beginning at 9:09PM on 9/21, and ending at Noon on 9/22/09. A few remote site landings may occur, but NO MASSIVE landings will take place until 7-10 days, after arrests and NESARA’s Announcement occur.

Sanat Kumara…speaks to Beth/Mark…aboard the New Jerusalem on 9/19…with Ashtar and Soltec present:

The Fall Equinox will see decloakings of the Kumara Mother Ships in the Portals in Peru.
The A-Team will be there to witness and film this event.
The Egyptians called it Djed, our connection to the Galaxy and the Mayans called it Xibalba Portal,
The Gateway to the OtherWorld. Opening this portal, reestablishing this Love-Light Connection has been attempted and failed 6 times before.
This time we do it with love, this time we remember and we are successful.
When we open the portal, the Galaxy GateWay, we re-establish our Divine Extra-Terrestrial heritage. We arrive on Terra Nova – New Earth.
The Equinox is the great balancing point. It is when we walk through the Solar Disc and the Ancestors of Ra and The Ancestors of Light come together to Balance the Earth and Flood it with Love, Flood it with Light.
Xibalba originated on Orion. There was a period of time when the Lyra Humans lived on a Planet which orbited Sirius. Sirius Humans continued to remain in etheric bodies. The Kumaras decided to remain incarnate in bodies and moved to a constellation in Orion where there were Reptilian Humans. It was Sanat Kumara, the Heirarch of Venus, who led this group to Orion. The Kumaras are all Hybrids. They did this, so they would remain incarnate and combine the DNA of all 12 races. In time, each one of the Kumaras has incarnated into one of the 12 races of man and this formed the 13th. We are the 13th. We have learned through this experience, it is not the race that defines a person, but their Soul. It was a compassionate act of love to combine all the races of human. By doing this, it brings peace. Each One can see there is a part of them in everyone else; We Are All One. The Council of Kumaras have kept the lineage of the Anandas. All of the Kumaras have remained incarnate. They realized that only by entering Earth in incarnate body form, are they able to help ascend other incarnate realms. This time it is necessary to ascend Earth by living a 3D life and coming through that experience. The reptilians and humans must now integrate and must do this through peace. The time for peace is now. We on Earth are being given the chance to chose love, or leave to Herculobus. This is a parallel Planet which is pristine and carries on the reptilian way of life. If One choses peace, through love, compassion, and Oneness, they will ascend with Earth. There is no judgment, it is time now for Earth to ascend, and each Soul has a choice.

This Fall Equinox marks the time when the Kumaras have been successful in bringing Peace to Earth. The Children of the Sun, the Kumaras, place the Solar Disc of Peru, into the new Matrix Hologram of Earth. It is recoded to Terra Nova with the One Race – the 13. This Solar Disc will be attuned to the Ships decloaking. This will send light out across the 12 rays until they span the sky all over Earth. Synchronistically, Mother Ships all over the World will decloak. The Ancestors of Ra and the Ancestors of Light ascend into the 13th.

Sanat Kumara works with Lord Maitreya (The Path of Love) and St Germain (The Path of Ascension) in a separate group who work with Earth intelligence and secret service. Their headquarters is a large building in Shamballa on the etheric planes next to the Hall of Records. This is where supercomputers keep records on every incarnate Soul living on Earth. It is here King of Swords receives his intel, directed through the Ships computers. It is through these records Sanat Kumara decides if someone incarnate on Earth is able to be recruited by the King of Swords to carry out the Plan of Masters. This is the sequential flow Lord Ashtar speaks about. This plan includes arrests, announcements and mass landings. It is through these supercomputers that subversives of the Plan of Masters are viewed and followed and the KOS agents deal with them. It is those working with KOS who now, after the equinox, will have cloaks of invisibility, be able to teleport and have remote viewing capabilities.

The Brotherhood of Light, The Lords of Flame; Sanat Kumara-Shamballa’s Flame- St Germain-Freedoms Flame-the Violet Flame, Sanatka-The Power of God-the Blue Flame in our Heart, Sa Ananda Kumara-Illuminations Flame-Golden Flame of Gods Illumination, Sa Na Tana-Keeper of the Immaculate Concept, the God Blueprint for the Body, Sanat Sujata-Pure Consciousness-Kapila Kumara-Truth’s Flame. 144,000 came from Venus with Sanat Kumara,and are ascended masters, showing the way to ascension. Two of these are, Gautama Buddha, an Open Doorway to Shamballa, Sanat Kumara’s Disciple, and his love is an example to opening the heart for ascension. Serapis Bey, just one of the ascended masters, who came with Sanat Kumara from Venus, has an office in the paw of the Great Sphinx, he says the path of love is the path of ascension.

It is time now, at the Fall Equinox, for The Kumaras, in their Ships, to come down through the Portals. This is a Huge Celebration of Life-All the Ships will be entering Earth. This is the Solar Portal, in Peru, where Gaia and Vywamus are en-lightened, raised in Ascension. This is The Sentinel Event Necessary to kick off decloakings and then will be followed [No Dates,No Nukes] by arrests, mass landings all over Earth. We will remember our extraterrestrial heritage. The arrests remove the last of the dark ones who have chosen not to ascend. Until they are removed from Earth, we cannot move forward with the next sequential step of announcements.

Announcements means we receive our packets and these equalize injustice and bring us into our freedom. They free our Souls to be the CoCreative Force with All That Is. Survival will no longer be an issue. We will be the One Race. With this comes our Family Reunions, our Twin Flame Reunions, and the One Race return to Earth: mass landings, joy, love, fulfillment of the Plan of Masters. So It is Said, So It is Done.
~Sanat Kumara
Beth and Mark

Sananda Speaks about Lion’s Gate 8/15/09

AUGUST 15 – MarkH and Beth – Request to Sananda for Clarification on Weekend’s Important Ops

We respectfully requested as Clear a Statement as Possible on this weekend’s 8/15/09 – 8/17/09 Operations from Sananda and their significance, in what is to follow. This visit to the New Jerusalem followed our earlier today visit there to meet Sri Sri Sri Svami Purna. It now precedes a complementary report from Madame X who writes for the A-Team about our visit to the bridge as part of our larger team.

This below-interview was requested without knowing that we were all being called there simultaneously, for a briefing. So we completed the below interview first, then joined the rest of the group. That also was a significant matter which deserves to be dealt with separately in Madame X’s report.


We see Sananda and make our request for clarification on this weekend’s important Ops. Here’s Sananda’s statement:

This weekend is another mass clearing and anchoring in of new timelines, in the Master Hologram.

When this is complete everything will be in place to move forward with long awaited plans.

All blocks which appear to be in the way will be removed.

Our soldiers on the battle front will no longer have anything to fight for.

We are clearing all of the old programming that ‘we are not worthy’; ‘we are less than abundant’; ‘life is something to fear’.

As the changes take place, the first step is to wipe away fear of living. This is solved by paying every person money which will mean they do not have to do something out of their personal reasoning, just to survive, just to stay alive.

Next step is to give everyone clean water, healthy and abundant food and for those who ask, a healed body.

While we are doing these things, we will begin Twin Flame Reunions on the physical level.

Very shortly you will see a completely New Earth.

People will for the first time ever, be free to choose their work according to their passion. Now things will become interesting. All will be helping others, giving their creativity and talents back to the world just for the love of it.

Imagine yourself in this World. What will you do then? Where will you live? Who will you live with? How will your work change?

This weekend is monumental to it all. This weekend is about projecting as much love into Mother Earth as is possible AND this weekend is about welcoming the presence of the Trillions of Ships waiting to land and mentor all into their new lives. We are all excited about meeting our family once again, with love.


Beth and Mark